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Rusk FFFF, John S. Candler, II, 1985 June 13

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:29 - Rusk as a student at Boys' High School

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Partial Transcript: Let's start off by asking in what capacity you knew Dean Rusk.

Segment Synopsis: Candler describes Dean Rusk's involvement at Boys' High School, where Rusk worked on the school paper and the yearbook, in addition to being an ROTC cadet colonel, a debate team member, and class president. Candler mentions his classmates' respect and admiration for Rusk, who he characterizes as a natural and principled leader.

Keywords: Atlanta; Hi-Y; academics; character; colonel; education; extracurriculars; leadership

00:07:51 - Rusk at Davidson College / Boys' High School's reputation and students

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Partial Transcript: We had in our class, there were ten members of that class that came to the University of Georgia

Segment Synopsis: Candler talks about other Boys' High students' post-secondary educations, and shares that Dean Rusk worked at the Atlanta Journal to pay tuition at Davidson College, where he also ran track and played basketball. Candler further describes Boys' High School, mentioning that Rusk received the school's best All-Around Student award and was expected to become a minister.

Keywords: Christianity; Emory University; Georgia Tech; Girls' High School; West End Presbyterian Church; editor; newspaper; religion; socioeconomics; writer

00:19:53 - Debating at Boys' High / Rusk's morals and religion

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Partial Transcript: What was he like in debate?

Segment Synopsis: Candler recalls participating in debates at Boys' High with Dean Rusk, who was known as an eloquent speaker and writer. He talks about students' temptations, including alcohol and cigarettes, which Rusk avoided. Candler talks about Rusk's religion, which he showed through activities rather than words.

Keywords: Christianity; H.O. Smith; Hi-Y; Prohibition; The Tattler; academics; church; discipline; newspaper; religion

00:29:17 - Secretary Rusk during the Korean War / Rusk's loyalty to the president

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Partial Transcript: What was your reaction to his appointment as Secretary of State?

Segment Synopsis: Candler talks about Wake Island and the Blair House meeting, in which Dean Rusk called for General Douglas MacArthur to be fired. Candler also discusses Secretary Rusk's character and loyalty to President Johnson.

Keywords: Blair House; Department of Defense; Department of State; General Bradley; Korea; LBJ; Oxford; Quonset Hut; Truman

00:39:06 - West End / Rusk's epithet

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Partial Transcript: Did you live in West End?

Segment Synopsis: Candler talks growing up in West End Atlanta and riding the streetcar to school. He praises Rusk and compares him to Robert E. Lee

Keywords: Kappa Alpha; character

00:46:02 - Justifying and critiquing the Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: Would it affect your judgment about my dad at all if...

Segment Synopsis: Candler says he does not regard Rusk's attitude toward the Vietnam War as a blemish on his record. Candler states that the war seemed justified because the United States needed to fulfill previously established SEATO commitments; however, he critiques the U.S. policy of gradualism.

Keywords: John Foster Dulles; LBJ; President Johnson; Southeast Asia Treaty Organization; communism; foreign policy; gradualism; military; national security