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Rusk CCCC, William Tapley Bennett, Part 3, 1985 June

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:00 - U.S. diplomats in the Dominican Republic

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Segment Synopsis: Bennett discusses his relationship with two other U.S. ambassadors to the Dominican Republic, Ellsworth Bunker and General Bruce Palmer. Bennett talks about disaster management and formulating a provisional government after the Benoit military junta (a U.S.-backed junta led by Colonel Bartoleme Benoit) gained political control in the Dominican Republic.

Keywords: Jack Vaughn; OAS; Organization of American States; Thomas Mann; evacuation

00:03:58 - Provisional President Hector Garcia-Godoy / Powerful influences

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Partial Transcript: The man chosen as Provisional President, [Hector] Garcia-Godoy, who has since died, was a splendid individual, a man without any personal flaws.

Segment Synopsis: Bennett evaluates Provisional President Hector Garcia-Godoy, who he considers politically independent. He recalls attempts by both the Dominican military and the U.S. government to control Garcia-Godoy's policy.

Keywords: Bunker; Juan Bosch; OAS; diplomacy; diplomats; embassy

00:07:15 - U.S. Organization of American States Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker / Dominican President Juan Bosch

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Partial Transcript: You know, this whole thing, this negotiation process which Ellsworth Bunker was involved with

Segment Synopsis: Bennett describes Ellsworth Bunker's commanding presence and his relationships with President Johnson, Secretary of State Rusk, and the press. Bennett talks about Dominican President Juan Bosch (successor after Rafael Trujillo's death in 1961), considering whether Bosch was frozen out by the U.S. or lost power due to his own cowardice.

Keywords: John Bartlow Martin; Theodore Draper

00:10:45 - Legitimacy of U.S. intervention in the Dominican Republic

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Partial Transcript: I'll conclude with a question that critics pose in this situation...

Segment Synopsis: Bennett defends U.S. intervention in the Dominican Republic as necessary, despite statutes in the OAS charter that outlaw foreign action. In characterizing the island state as violent, Bennett cites a major shooting at a hotel.

Keywords: danger; evacuation; foreign policy; intervention