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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: This an interview with George Evelyn Hutchinson at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida; takes place December 7th, 1984.

Keywords: Ecological Society of America; George E. Hutchinson; The University of Florida; environmental movement

00:00:17 - Ecological Society of America's support of The Institute of Ecology (TIE)

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Partial Transcript: In the late ‘60’s, the Ecological Society of America was conducting a study on the advisability of establishing an institute of ecology.

Segment Synopsis: Hutchinson explains how ESA was fairly supportive of The Institute of Ecology, however the ESA never really fulfilled what they promised to the organization.

Keywords: ESA; Earth Day; Ecological Society of America; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; ecology; environmental movement; observations; policy

00:04:27 - TIE's workshop model

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Partial Transcript: Any recollection of the workshops held during the early period

Segment Synopsis: Hutchinson doesn't recall, but believes that the unfamiliarity with the workshops is linked to the Institute going off and doing its own thing without interacting properly with the membership.

Keywords: TIE; The Institute of Ecology; membership; unfamiliarity; workshops

00:13:05 - TIE's founders and assembly

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Partial Transcript: Two groups of people: founding institutions, the people who represented the scientific community and the assembly, who would be the outreach outside of the scientific community

Segment Synopsis: Hutchinson didn't think this model worked because it combined two really different types of thinking, which led to conflicting perspectives.

Keywords: TIE; The Institute of Ecology; assembly; ecology; founders; membership; scientific community; sponsors

00:22:45 - TIE's lack of clear objectives

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Partial Transcript: TIE never really did develop a clear objective.

Segment Synopsis: Hutchinson recalls talking with many people about starting the organization but no one figured out the logistics before actually starting up. He states that this created a great deal of trouble for the organization and wasn't very professional.

Keywords: TIE; The Institute of Ecology; ecology; environmental problems; goals; management; objectives; operations; research plan; workshops

00:32:24 - The idea of renewable energy

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Partial Transcript: So many of the nuclear power plants are now being discontinued.

Segment Synopsis: Hutchinson discusses how the recent closure of many nuclear power plants is leading people to think that the energy problem has gone away, even though it hasn't.

Keywords: energy; nuclear; power plants; renewable energy