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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: This is an interview with Dr. Eugene Odum at the University of Georgia in Athens, on December 5th, 1984.

Keywords: ESA; Ecological Society of America; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; UGA; University of Georgia

00:00:12 - The ESA's support for the The Institute of Ecology (TIE) idea

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Partial Transcript: During your tenure as president of ESA in 1964

Segment Synopsis: Odum explains the views of the Ecological Society of America's study committee on the idea behind The Institute of Ecology. Furthermore, he displays that the ESA was all for the Institute to satisfy these ecological education needs, however the ESA was not willing to get involved directly in terms of support.

Keywords: ESA; Ecological Society of America; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; academia; application; approval; broad-scale; ecologists; environmental awareness; environmental matters; fundamentals; funding; landing on the moon; management; public affairs; research

00:14:29 - Applications of ecological research / Valuable network of expertise

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Partial Transcript: do enough in the way of applications of ecological research to particular environmental problems

Segment Synopsis: Odum talks about the problems that TIE faced by not branching out and establishing their own infrastructure for applying ecological research. He later follows with the process of networking and establishing a connection with associated universities on projects.

Keywords: ESA; Ecological Society of America; ROI; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; The Nature Conservancy; University patrons; Washington; academia; applications; contributing money; decision makers; ecological research; environmental organizations; infrastructure; return on investment; success; vested interests

00:18:54 - Fragmentation within TIE / Training of staff

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Partial Transcript: the fragmentation within TIE itself; the organizational structure was rather unique

Segment Synopsis: Odum talks about the organizational structure within TIE and how it might have led to fragmentation. He later discusses his views on the education of TIE's staff being different from ecology.

Keywords: TIE; The Institute of Ecology; assembly; bureaucracy; communications; director; ecologists; economics; founders; organizational plans; politics; staff

00:38:22 - Change in attitude of ESA towards TIE / Most important environmental issues

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Partial Transcript: accounted for the change in attitude of ESA

Segment Synopsis: Odum explains what factors accounted towards the ESA changing their attitude on the idea of TIE. He discusses about TIE's research and which environmental issues he believes were the most important.

Keywords: ESA; Ecological Society of America; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; air quality; atmospheric toxification; funding; money; sponsoring institution; tropics ecology