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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: This is an interview with Dr. James Geis of the College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse, New York. It takes place on February 12, 1985.

Keywords: College of Environmental Science and Forestry; James Geis; New York; Syracuse

00:00:12 - Ecological Society of America's support of The Institute of Ecology (TIE)

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Partial Transcript: ESA was conducting a study on the advisability of establishing an institute of ecology.

Segment Synopsis: Geis expresses the ESA membership's views on the proposal for The Institute of Ecology.

Keywords: 1960's; ESA; Ecological Society of America; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; development; invest; leadership; membership; multi-institutional projects

00:01:43 - Competition with universities / Activities related to post-IBP research

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Partial Transcript: Concerns were expressed that the proposed institute would compete with research efforts

Segment Synopsis: Geis explains how TIE competed for research programs with universities. He later discusses the involvement of TIE in post-International Biological Program (IBP) activities, or lack thereof.

Keywords: ESA; Ecological Society of America; IBP; International Biological Program; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; big-money science; big-science ecology; competition; mission statement; post-IBP activities; research interests

00:07:23 - The network of ecologists / Review of the TIE idea

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Partial Transcript: A valuable network of outstanding ecologists was developed

Segment Synopsis: Geis explains his views on TIE's effectiveness of working with the valuable network of ecologists. He follows with a discussion of the many factors that led to the demise of TIE. Geis states that he doesn't believe the original idea of TIE was misguided, but it wasn't properly initiated.

Keywords: ESA; Ecological Society of America; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; advantage; demise; facilitate; founders; goodwill; innovating; manage; misguided; network; passive role; scope; synthesis; underpin; workshop

00:15:42 - Organizations like TIE

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Partial Transcript: need for organization like TIE

Segment Synopsis: Geis expresses whether or not there is still a need for an organization like TIE. He believes that there is indeed still a need. Geis later talks about potential substitutes of TIE and relative activities.

Keywords: ESA; Ecological Society of America; NSF; National Science Foundation; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; Washington; environmental biology; funding; government; independent scientists; man-power needs; organization; research