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00:00:12 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: This is an interview with Lee Botts, research associate at Northwestern University Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research. Mrs. Botts was on the TIE Board from 1978-1981.

Keywords: Board of Trustees; Northwestern University; TIE; The Institute of Ecology

00:00:25 - Involvement in TIE / Competition between TIE & universities

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Segment Synopsis: Botts explains how she initially became involved in The Institute of Ecology. She later states that TIE was indeed in competition with universities for research funding.

Keywords: Board of Trustees; Chicago; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; assembly; fundamental problem; open lands project; research funding; research institution; universities; workshop

00:02:54 - TIE's original objectives / Membership

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Partial Transcript: recall TIE's original objectives; sound basis for the Institute

Segment Synopsis: Botts discusses the original objectives of TIE, and how she thinks the fundamental structure of the organization was a fatal flaw. She also talks about the conflicts between the founders and assembly that made the membership of TIE.

Keywords: Board of Trustees; ESA; Ecological Society of America; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; assembly; environmental policy; equality; fatal flaw; founders; gurus; membership; objectives; priests of science; public policy; sound basis; wisdom

00:08:35 - Valuable network of expertise in TIE

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Partial Transcript: That was an interesting observation.

Segment Synopsis: Botts expresses her views of whether adequate advantage was taken of the valuable network of expertise within TIE.

Keywords: Garrison Diversion; Walt Pomeroy; acid rain; environmental impact statement; expertise; funding

00:11:45 - TIE's financial problems

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Partial Transcript: Let's go on to the next question.

Segment Synopsis: Botts discusses the problems with TIE's financial situation, and the lack of unity of its administration. She expresses how her interactions with Felix Rimberg led to further financial demise and confusion for the Institute.

Keywords: Chicago; Felix Rimberg; Field Museum of Natural History; Larry Williams; PPM; Pete, Marwick, & Mitchell; Richard Goodwin; assembly; founders; man-in-the-living-environment; management problems; policy doctorate

00:22:09 - Staffing influence / Interdisciplinary research programs

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Partial Transcript: The next question refers back to some of your earlier comments.

Segment Synopsis: Botts talks about how TIE's development wasn't due to the lack of the staff's expertise in ecology, but due to Felix Rimberg's lack of administrative efforts.
She later displays her opinion on the reasons why TIE did not develop further interdisciplinary research programs.

Keywords: Felix Rimberg; IDP; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; development of programs; director; interdisciplinary; management; non-ecologists; personality; scientists; staffing; teamwork; way the world works

00:25:21 - Mission of TIE

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Partial Transcript: The windup question is then.

Segment Synopsis: Botts talks about the factors that led to the overall demise of TIE. She also expresses that the idea behind TIE was a fantastic idea, and how it could still work if different components have equality.

Keywords: Orie Loucks; Tom Malone; assembly; equality; ethics; founders; fundamentally flawed; funding; goals; membership; research grants; semantics