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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: This is an interview with Dr. Paul Colinvaux of Ohio State University. It takes place at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, on December 8, 1984.

00:00:25 - ESA's feasibility study on TIE / Overall problems

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Partial Transcript: In the early '70s, the Institute of Ecology was established

Segment Synopsis: Colinvaux talks about the main goals and objectives of TIE, as well as the problems encountered such as funding and relationships with other institutions. He states that Institute was a good idea in the early days, but the lack of unity of the membership is a fundamental cause to TIE's obstacles.

Keywords: Ivory Tower; March of Dimes; assembly; cancer; core funding; founders; fundraising; goals; membership; objectives; parent institutions; research grants; unity

00:09:57 - The workshop mode / Contributions of the membership

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Partial Transcript: As a result, the Institute fell into a mode of operation

Segment Synopsis: Colinvaux states that he thinks the workshop mode served as a worthwhile function for TIE. He later talks about the contributions of the membership and how TIE was competing with universities.

Keywords: Holcomb Institute; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; Tom Malone; entrepreneur; feedback; financially independent organization; grants; operation; parent universities; research grants; sponsors; symbiotic relationship; tax; workshops

00:19:11 - Early director and staff / Mission behind TIE

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Partial Transcript: an outstanding director with an outstanding reputation was selected to be the first director

Keywords: Arthur Hasler; CBS; Greenhouse Effect; TIE; The Institute of Ecology; Time Magazine; carbon dioxide; core funding; director; ecology; environmental movement; garbage; idiocy; nonsense; oxygen; second-level appointees; staff; subsistence; wrong decisions

00:24:23 - Instant ecologists and the environmental movement

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Partial Transcript: During the early phases of the environmental movement

Segment Synopsis: Colinvaux talks about how the instant ecologists could have changed the way the environmental movement developed if they had been there from the start. He says it really was all up to TIE.

Keywords: CBS; competent ecologists; court of appeals; environmental movement; instant ecologists; oxygen running out in the atmosphere; public statements