Interview with Ken Dious, March 11, 2020

Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library
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00:01:48 - Witnessing integration

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Partial Transcript: I think when you talk to me you’re talking to maybe a little different person because I was raised in Athens. I went to high school here. I know the complete history of the integration of the University of Georgia. I’ll tell you a little story.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Dious discusses what he witnessed and experienced during the initial integration of UGA.

Keywords: Howard High, Turner High, Hamilton Holmes, Fort Valley State, Morris Brown, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Donald Hollowell, NAACP Defense Fund, Varsity, Klu Klux Klan, Savannah State, scholarship

00:09:46 - UGA Acceptance

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Partial Transcript: So I was a 19 year old kid on his own so I come over and file my application and I met the registrar named Walter [Daniel?] who is now dead and he told me that I could not get in.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Dious discusses why he decided to attend the University of Georgia, what it took to be accepted and his first impression of campus.

Keywords: Registrar, Otis Johnson, Harold Black, Playboy

00:15:00 - Demanding space on campus for black culture

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Partial Transcript: Well, now when I was in school we started a Black Student Union. There were no black fraternity, black sororities on campus or anything so we started the Black Student Union to advocate for the rights of black students.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Dious discusses how the BSU was created and a few of the demands that were made by BSU to campus leaders in order to create a healthier environment for black students. He also discusses the experience of being the first black to attempt to play UGA football as well as what it was like to be a black UGA sports fan.

Keywords: Black athletes, scholarships, football, Davison, Dixie, National Anthem, Bulldog Fan, G-Day, Dooley, Dean Tate, Justice Benham

00:26:01 - Down-time

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Partial Transcript: We had what we called a ‘Black house’. Yeah we had a house called The Black House. Out there on Lumpkin Street. And that’s where we met.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Dious discussed how he and other blacks gathered and the impression that their gatherings left on the rest of the majority white campus. He also discusses his search for the genius on campus.

Keywords: The Black House, Sorority and Fraternity, test, polarization, Civil Rights Movement, Otis Johnson, Dean Tate, Zell Phillips, Anderson Williams, Mary Blackwell, Joe Sell

00:35:40 - Law School experience

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Partial Transcript: And I was the first black student that had gone undergrad to law school. I was the first Double Dog. Black Double Dog.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Dious discusses how his and his fellow black classmates’ demands for equality continued even after getting accepted and attending law school.

Keywords: Thespian Debate Society, Justice Benham, Confederate Flag, Football protest sign, Warren McVeigh, Houston, stadium, fight, black athletes, scholarship

00:43:19 - Events on campus

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Partial Transcript: Played during the time I was in school, when I was in school the games were not all played in the coliseum. They had Woodrow Hall and it was too small so you had to pull straws to get in.

Segment Synopsis: Dious discusses the different types of events on campus and fond memories of some of the concerts.

Keywords: Black performers, Ray Charles, curfew, basketball, black sections

00:46:16 - Affirmative Action

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Partial Transcript: What officially happened to the University of Georgia is that I was a lawyer when they filed in the University of Georgia affirmative action program.

Segment Synopsis: Dious discusses how the loss of Affirmative Action affected the campus and what role he played as the case found its way in court.

Keywords: SAT scores, Whoop Cases, Brunswick, Ga, Lucy Cobb House, Lee Parks, Hope Grant

00:53:05 - Law School admission

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Partial Transcript: They didn’t look down at the undergrad kids (within UGA), they would go to Morehouse, Spellman, and try to get their best students to come.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Dious discusses his surprise at who UGA seemed to be in favor of attending the UGA Law School.

Keywords: Spellman, Tuskegee, BASA, University of Oklahoma, Mary Frances Early

00:59:55 - Search for the UGA genius

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Partial Transcript: You know, I didn’t think it would be any problem. Well the thing that surprised me, I thought that I got a little brainwashed saying that you can’t go to school with these students.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Dious discusses his search for the elusive geniuses that he was supposed to run into while attending the University of Georgia as he went about learning and connecting with others on campus.

Keywords: Base programming language, trigonometry, calculus, cost-accounting, Lockheed

01:05:55 - The differences between Dious’s previous schools and UGA

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Partial Transcript: When I was at Savannah State the difference in the schools were when I was at Savannah state they had calculators, one calculator. We had to get in line to use it. When I came to Georgia business school, they had so many in the basement the guys used to go down there and play with them in general.

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Dious discusses how attending UGA enriched his life. The trials that came with attending as an African American readied him for life after college.

Keywords: Black professor, black student, Lassiter

01:12:00 - Dious tries out for football

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Partial Transcript: Matter of fact the way I ended up playing again was a friend of mine that was in school named Carter. He said he wanted to go out for the football team but he didn’t want to go out by himself.

Segment Synopsis: Dious discusses how and why he joins the football team. He also explains the reaction he received from coaches, players and the certain groups outside of UGA.

Keywords: Dooley, basketball, football, baseball, swimming, YMCA

01:15:37 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: But my mother would not let me go over and socialize and work with whites. I didn’t know anything about the white community. So I never got embedded to saying ‘yes, sir’, ‘no, sir’. I didn’t know anything about that. I didn’t think about that at all.

Segment Synopsis: Dious gives us a peek into his childhood. He discusses where his fearless mindset comes from.

Keywords: Parents

01:19:38 - The effect of athletics on integration

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Partial Transcript: I remember when I was a kid and George Wallace ran for governor for Alabama. Actually George Wallace had decided, him and the governor in front of him, that they were going to try to get together and solve some problems that blacks were having in Alabama

Segment Synopsis: Dious recounts events that led to the desegregation of sports in the southeast United States.

Keywords: Richmond Flowers Sr., Richmond Flowers, Jr., Bear Bryant, Alabama, Tennessee, Sam the Bam Cunningham, Southern California, NCAA tournament