Interview with Janis Ware, September 27, 2019

Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library
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00:00:44 - Admission to University of Georgia

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Partial Transcript: I didn't actually apply to any schools. The University of Georgia actually sent a letter inviting me to come to the University my junior year...

Segment Synopsis: Ware discusses the process of being admitted the University of Georgia, describing why she turned down the opportunity to enroll after her junior year of high school, the transition from Booker T. Washington High School, meeting other students in her dormitory, and being exposed to both white and black peers through a summer job at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Keywords: African American history; University of Georgia; admissions; alumni

00:08:31 - How the UGA black student population connected.

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Partial Transcript: "The only way for you to survive was to have a cohort."

Segment Synopsis: Ware discusses the ways that she was able to connect with other blacks attending UGA.

Keywords: African American history; Civil Rights Movement; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Hosea Williams; Ralph Abernathy; University of Georgia; demographics; student life

00:17:12 - Experience of being a black student at UGA.

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Partial Transcript: Outside of asking for the University to bring in some black hair products... that were not in the commissary at that time.

Segment Synopsis: Ware discusses the impact that her attendance had on the university campus - the reaction of the student body and faculty to her presence.

Keywords: Six Flags, Black hair products, activism, racial issues, dorm life, church, exams, football game weekend

00:24:19 - The benefits of graduating from UGA.

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Partial Transcript: You just graduated. You got a degree. I got my degree and you just went on.

Segment Synopsis: Ware discusses whether attending UGA was the right choice for her. She also describes how she gained invaluable skills at UGA that helped her to excel in her career.

Keywords: Graduation march, college cost, Hampton, Spellman, success, Canterbury tales, Summech, affordable housing, discrimmination