Interview with Pastor Nawanna Lewis Miller, June 30, 2019

Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library
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00:01:26 - The process of choosing UGA

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Partial Transcript: Sitting here watching Chet Huntley and David Brinkley I said to myself I'm going there (UGA) and I was just 10.

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Miller discusses why she made the choice to attend UGA.

Keywords: Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, black population

00:03:04 - The culture shock of attending UGA

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Partial Transcript: I was just coming out of all black high school that was really excellent and I get to Georgia excited about the new step in life and the first thing I am confronted with is Dixie.

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Miller discusses what it was like to transition from an all black school to a majority white school and the effect it had on her.

Keywords: Orientation, Dixie, professor, trauma, grades,

00:10:40 - Relationship with other black students

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Partial Transcript: It was us. I could relate to us. And I wanted us to stay together. I felt like if we could just stay together and just do classes together and walk together. But that wasn’t possible.

Segment Synopsis: Miller discusses what it was like connecting with other black students on campus.

Keywords: Threat, BSU, camaraderie, ‘O God My Preacher is Pregnant’ book

00:15:04 - Where support could be found.

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Partial Transcript: Meaning, when the after Charlene Hunter and Hamilton Holmes... desegregated and the dogs left, that’s when the misery started.

Segment Synopsis: Miller discusses the positive and the negative support she received while attending the University.

Keywords: Broadcast journalism, Charlene Hunter, Hamilton Holmes, dogs, financial aid, professors, BSU

00:18:26 - My Reaction to UGA

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Partial Transcript: We protested around the fall of 1970. That’s when all of my resolve to do something came to fruition.

Segment Synopsis: Miller discusses what she did to enrich her experience at UGA.

Keywords: Civil Rights Movement, BSU, Dwight, Kinnebrew, Larry West, Promoja, dance, drama, Journalism Association for Minority, newspaper, Broughton

00:31:10 - More experiences while attending UGA

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Partial Transcript: It was like you were like a foreigner. I mean, it was like being in a foreign country.

Segment Synopsis: Miller discusses how out of place she felt as a black student and what it took to bring about a more acceptable atmosphere.

Keywords: Bolton, Creswell, Snelling, dining hall, Ronnie Hogue, protest, demands, stadium, Dixie, arrests, murder, jail, (Chuck) Kennebrew, Larry West

00:46:04 - Encouragement for future generations

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Partial Transcript: So I will tell them, the students who may listen the same thing I tell my family. You don’t have a choice to quit.

Segment Synopsis: Miller encourages other black students to aim for excellence in all that they do.

Keywords: Thankful, stronger, helpful