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Interview with Hunter Holder, September 26, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:26 - Motivations for joining the military

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Partial Transcript: Is this going to be a life-long thing? Or are you planning on getting out after your contract is over?

Segment Synopsis: Holder discusses his motivations for joining the military, including paying off student loan debt and the instability of the job market during the 2008 recession.

Keywords: Auburn University; Chief Warrant Officer

00:02:24 - MOS (military occupational specialty) / Warrant Officer Training School

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about your role in the military.

Segment Synopsis: Holder describes his MOS (military occupational specialty) as a medical evacuation helicopter pilot. He also discusses the intense training he experienced and the difficulties he had sleeping during his time at Warrant Officer Training School.

Keywords: Fort Rucker; flight training

00:13:10 - Deployment to Iraq

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Partial Transcript: What was your major at Auburn? Was it something that had anything to do with flying helicopters?

Segment Synopsis: Holder describes his expectations of flight school and his deployment to Iraq. He discusses his daily activities while deployed, and the difficulties of finding a regular sleep schedule as a pilot.

Keywords: Architecture; Camp Taji

00:23:22 - Transferring to the University of Georgia

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Partial Transcript: So, how did you get to UGA?

Segment Synopsis: Holder discusses transferring from the University of North Georgia to the University of Georgia. He describes changing his major from architecture to business management.

Keywords: Auburn University; Winder, Georgia

00:26:34 - Military versus university learning environments

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Partial Transcript: So you have been in a classroom on both sides of a military experience, do you notice a difference at all?

Segment Synopsis: Holder contrasts the independent nature of student life with the group mentality of the military. He notes the time and monetary investment the military commits to creating a successful solider and compares this to the self-reliant atmosphere at a large university.

Keywords: accounting; weather and geology

00:32:26 - Transference of military discipline to academics

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Partial Transcript: Do you think, since your first three years were at Auburn and you had no military experience and now you're here--did the military change your perspective on being a student?

Segment Synopsis: Holder discusses how the military taught him self-motivation, and to take his academics seriously, noting the positive impact on his grades. Holder talks about revealing his National Guard status to students and professors.

Keywords: discipline; intrinsic motivation; study habits

00:35:58 - Military Educational Benefits / Public misconceptions of the military

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Partial Transcript: So tell me, you said that when you were coming out here you called Ted [Barco -- Director of the Student Veterans Resource Center]. How did you find the Student Veteran Resource Center? How did you meet Ted?

Segment Synopsis: Holder describes the differences in pay between National Guard and active duty service members. He talks about how the National Guard GI Bill provides less benefits and support compared to active duty. He discusses how his appreciation for a military lifestyle has grown, including how he thrives in a structured environment and his access to many educational opportunities. Holder also addresses the negative stereotype of service members being uneducated and unintelligent.

Keywords: benefits; income; perceptions

00:40:31 - Student Veterans Resource Center / Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: How often do you--do you visit the Student Veteran Resource Center on a regular basis?

Segment Synopsis: Holder describes his interactions with the Student Veterans Resource Center, including participating in community events and social life. He also discusses various options for his future plans, such as going on active duty or working for an airline. Holder shares his final thoughts and advises others to seriously consider military service as a career option.

Keywords: Student Veteran Association