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Interview with Adyam Negasi, July 26, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:23 - Motivations for joining the Air Forces / Family military history

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Partial Transcript: So first question, big question: why did you join the Air Force?

Segment Synopsis: Negasi talks about her motivations for joining the Air Force including educational benefits and figuring out her career path. She describes her family's military history, specifically her father's involvement as a guerrilla fighter in Eritrea. She also describes her family's reaction to her service noting, her father's hesitant support.

Keywords: Eritrea; Ethiopia; Las Vegas

00:03:16 - Medical mistreatment / Leaving the Air Force

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Partial Transcript: Explain your job title, what you did, and then state side a day in the life

Segment Synopsis: Negasi describes the severe foot pain she began to experience during her time at basic camp, and how she was prescribed progressively stronger pain medication as the pain continued. She discusses that her pain was eventually diagnosed as neuroma and that she underwent a surgery to correct it. She talks about learning Arabic to train as a linguist and continuing to take classes despite her pain.

Keywords: Arabic; Medical Evaluation Board; Medical mistreatment; Morocco; linguist; morphine; percocet

00:11:26 - Decision to attend UGA / University life

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Partial Transcript: How, why UGA? How did you end up in Athens?

Segment Synopsis: Negasi describes living in Okinawa with her husband, and eventually being stationed in Georgia. Negasi talks about attending college on base for her associates degree, and commuting to the University of Georgia for her bachelors degree. She also discusses her interactions with students on campus.

Keywords: Japan; Student Veterans Resource Center; Warner Robins Air Force Base

00:18:25 - Future goals / Public misconceptions of the military

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Partial Transcript: Okay, so then like dream job? Where would you like to be in like five or ten years?

Segment Synopsis: Negasi discusses her future goals of becoming an ambassador and working in the Middle East. She also addresses public misconceptions of the military. Negasi describes the advantages of learning another language and exposing yourself to different cultures.

Keywords: Arabic; Eritrea; International Affairs; dual citizenship

00:25:43 - Challenges to having a military career / Career in international affairs

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Partial Transcript: My husband speaks two languages now, one of them being Arabic.

Segment Synopsis: Negasi describes her husband's occupation in the Air Force and his educational goals. She also discusses how the military reinforced her sense of service, and how a career in international affairs can be used for public good.

Keywords: ambassador; civilian contractors; cultural attaché

00:29:38 - Problems facing the military / Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything that I didn't ask that you want to talk about?

Segment Synopsis: Negasi describes obstacles facing the military such as a lack of integrity, fiscal irresponsibility, and accountability. She discusses how ignoring the concerns of Airmen has caused competent individuals to leave the Air Force in search of better opportunities.

Keywords: Commissioned Officer; Japan; Non Commissioned Officer