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Interview with Neely Young, November 14, 2013

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:40 - Early life in Cedartown / Joining Kappa Alpha

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Partial Transcript: Uh, you're a Cedartown, Georgia boy.

Segment Synopsis: Young describes his family history in Cedartown and his childhood there. He recalls his ambition to play football in college, his mentor, Coach Doc Ayers, and getting injured while playing football for Darlington. He discusses enrolling at UGA in 1962 and joining the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Keywords: Cedartown, Ga.; Darlington School; Howard "Doc" Ayers; Kappa Alpha fraternity; Shorter College; UGA; University of Georgia; William Tate

00:07:49 - Life at UGA / Lockheed / The Valdosta Daily Times

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Partial Transcript: Where'd you eat?

Segment Synopsis: Young remembers social aspects of UGA, including barbecue-eating contests, bringing a car to campus, the girls' curfew, dressing up for class, and an incident that put Kappa Alpha on probation. He recalls deciding to major in business after working at The Valdosta Daily Times in the summer, getting a job at Lockheed after graduating, and ultimately working at the The Valdosta Daily Times.

Keywords: J. Carlisle Overstreet; Kappa Alpha fraternity; Lockheed Corporation; Lockheed Martin; The Valdosta Daily Times; UGA; University of Georgia; William Tate

00:15:08 - Social and political issues at UGA

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Partial Transcript: The early '60s were certainly a turbulent time in--in our country, and the issues of the times certainly impacted us at the University.

Segment Synopsis: Young remembers perceiving no racial tension while enrolled at UGA but recalls integration becoming an issue in Valdosta while he worked at The Valdosta Daily Times. He discusses the Vietnam War creating news while he was at UGA and remembers being in an English class when he learned that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Young reflects on racial tension in Georgia and sees Georgia's economic advancement over other southern states as a product of its racial progressiveness. He talks about fraternity control of campus politics and recalls when Buddy Darden, an independent, won election for student body president.

Keywords: Charlayne Hunter-Gault; Ernest Vandiver; George Washington "Buddy" Darden III; Hamilton Holmes; John F. Kennedy; The Valdosta Daily Times; UGA; University of Georgia; Vietnam War; racism; segregation

00:22:19 - Kappa Alpha culture

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Partial Transcript: Talk a little bit about big events on campus, when--when the whole campus came together.

Segment Synopsis: Young remembers football games and UGA's rivalry with Auburn. He describes Kappa Alpha training men to become gentlemen-scholars like Confederate General Robert E. Lee and attending the Kappa Alpha "Old South" ball.

Keywords: Auburn University; Confederacy; Kappa Alpha fraternity; Old South ball; Robert E. Lee; UGA; University of Georgia; college football

00:27:46 - Homecoming / Fraternity antics at UGA

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Partial Transcript: Homecoming -- I know you had some big entertainers show up.

Segment Synopsis: Young describes homecoming at UGA and shares several anecdotes of when fraternity boys at UGA created mischief including smuggling whiskey from South Carolina, stealing a bus, burning a piano, and raising a duck in a fraternity house.

Keywords: Chi Phi fraternity; Kappa Alpha fraternity; Saxby Chambliss; Sigma Chi fraternity; UGA; University of Georgia; homecoming

00:33:23 - The Valdosta Daily Times

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Partial Transcript: Neely, anything else that you think about -- about your days at the University before I move on a little bit into later times?

Segment Synopsis: Young recalls getting seven job offers after graduating from UGA in 1966. He discusses his move to The Valdosta Daily Times, the newspaper's sale to Thomson Newspapers, and the integration of the Valdosta High School football team in 1967.

Keywords: Lockheed Corporation; The Valdosta Daily Times; Thomson Newspapers; Valdosta High School; Wright Bazemore

00:37:30 - Editor and publisher jobs / Technology in print journalism

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Partial Transcript: Alright, from Valdosta you went to Dalton, is that right?

Segment Synopsis: Young discusses his career as an editor and publisher of the Dalton Daily Citizen, the Marietta Daily Journal, and the Cherokee Tribune in Canton. He reflects on the technological changes in print journalism and the advent of online news sources.

Keywords: Cherokee Tribune (newspaper); Dalton Daily Citizen (newspaper); Marietta Daily Journal (newspaper); print journalism

00:43:11 - Morris Newspaper Company / Georgia Trend / Salvation Army

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Partial Transcript: Continue -- let's continue talking about where you went.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about working as the CEO of the Morris Newspaper Company for two years and buying newspapers across Georgia. He recalls selling the newspapers after nine years, retiring for one year in 1998, and buying Georgia Trend magazine from Millard Grimes. He discusses his accolades, particularly raising $35 million for the Salvation Army.

Keywords: Charles Morris; Community Newspaper Holdings; Georgia Trend (magazine); Millard Grimes; Morris Newspaper Company; Salvation Army; Tom Cousins

00:49:32 - Family / Georgia's relationship with immigrants

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Partial Transcript: Talk about your family a little bit.

Segment Synopsis: Young describes his family, particularly his wife Kathy's career as head of volunteers in hospitals and her volunteer work. He reflects on Georgia's relationship with immigrants, viewing the state's construction boom (1980s-2008) as made possible by immigrant labor, but notes an under-appreciation of their contribution. He considers Georgia House Bill 87, the "Georgia Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011," problematic and expresses a desire for Georgia to reflect the same sense of racial progressiveness that it had in the past.

Keywords: Georgia House Bill 87; illegal immigration