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Interview with Dan Magill, Part 2, May 9, 2006

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:07 - Cavalry at UGA

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Partial Transcript: We had a -- we had cavalry here on our campus.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls the ROTC cavalry drilling on UGA's campus and his involvement in the cavalry while an undergraduate.

Keywords: Cavalry; Civil War; James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart; Nathan Bedford Forrest; ROTC; Reserve Officers' Training Corps

00:05:16 - FDR visits UGA / Campus in the 1930s

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Partial Transcript: One of the other things you had mentioned to me was a visit by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to campus...

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls President Roosevelt visiting UGA in 1936. He details what UGA's campus looked like in the late 1930s and early 1940s while he was an undergraduate.

Keywords: Andrew Erwin; Eurith Dickinson "Ed" Rivers; FDR; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; UGA; University of Georgia; Warm Springs

00:13:14 - Herty Field / Sanford Field / Sanford Stadium

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Partial Transcript: Herty Field was where it all started, right?

Segment Synopsis: Magill details the locations where UGA hosted its athletic meets from 1886 to 1929. He recalls watching his first football game at the Sanford Stadium inaugural game in 1929.

Keywords: Charles Herty; Herty Field; Mercer University; Sanford Field; Sanford Stadium; Steadman V. Sanford; UGA; University of Georgia; Yale University; college baseball; college football; college sports; geography; landscape

00:21:07 - Naval Pre-Flight School at UGA / Foley Field

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Partial Transcript: Talk to me a little bit, I remember an old, a baseball field out across from where the Georgia Center is now...

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls the removal of Sanford Field when the Navy built their pre-flight training facilities on UGA's campus in 1942. He details the consequent creation of Foley Field in 1967 for the baseball team and talks about its namesake, Frank Foley.

Keywords: Frank Foley; Navy Pre-Flight School; UGA; United States Navy; University of Georgia; World War II; college baseball

00:25:14 - History of UGA tennis program

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Partial Transcript: We've talked about all, uh -- we've talked about a lot of facilities; we've not talked about the tennis facility...

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls the history of tennis at UGA beginning in the 1890s. He notes where the courts were originally and where they were subsequently relocated. He also mentions how UGA became the semi-permanent host of the NCAA tennis tournament after hosting the 1972 tournament, and names some of the famous tennis players who have played in the tournament.

Keywords: NCAA; National Collegiate Athletic Association; UGA; University of Georgia; college tennis

00:31:08 - Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame

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Partial Transcript: The hall of fame is located here because it was considered the appropriate spot since we were hosting the national championship.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls how his association with a young Marianne Gordon resulted in singer Kenny Rogers funding the construction of the Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame at UGA. He lists some of the artifacts in the Hall of Fame.

Keywords: Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame; Kenny Rogers; Marianne Gordon; UGA; University of Georgia; college tennis

00:35:15 - Jim Whatley

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Partial Transcript: Coach, let's talk a little bit about some of the interesting personalities that you've known over the years...

Segment Synopsis: Magill talks about Coach Jim Whatley's career as a football player for the University of Alabama, minor league baseball player, and UGA basketball coach.

Keywords: Adolph Rupp; James W. "Jim" Whatley; UGA; University of Alabama; University of Georgia; college basketball; college football

00:40:40 - Spec Towns

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Partial Transcript: Did I tell about how Spec Towns got his scholarship?

Segment Synopsis: Magill recounts how Spec Towns earned a scholarship for track at UGA in 1933. He also details Towns' success in the 1936 Olympic Games and the oak tree Adolph Hitler awarded him for his first place finish. He talks about how Spec got his nickname and how the Spec Towns Track at UGA got its name in 1964.

Keywords: Adolph Hitler; Forrest Grady "Spec" Towns; Olympic Games; Spec Towns Track; UGA; University of Georgia; college track and field

00:48:50 - Dean William Tate

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Partial Transcript: Talk to us a little bit more about Dean Tate -- you know, everybody has a Dean Tate story.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls William Tate's track career at UGA in the early 1930s and shares some anecdotes regarding Tate's tenure as Dean of Men.

Keywords: Herman Stegeman; John Morris; Sylvanus Morris; UGA; University of Georgia; William Tate; college track and field

00:54:02 - Eugene Odum / Dean Rusk

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Partial Transcript: Talk a little bit, coach, about Dr. Eugene Odum, one of our most famous faculty.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recounts Eugene Odum's tennis career and Dean Rusk's career as chief of war plans, Secretary of State, and professor of law at UGA.

Keywords: Chiang Kai-shek; David Dean Rusk; Eugene Odum; Joseph Stilwell; UGA; University of Georgia; University of Georgia School of Law; World War II; college tennis

00:59:01 - UGA students killed in World War II

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Partial Transcript: Talk then about -- you mentioned the war -- talk about, uh, those, those folks you knew.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls his proposal to erect a memorial honoring UGA students who died while serving in World War II. He names his eight classmates who died in combat and details who they were and how they died.

Keywords: UGA; University of Georgia; World War II; memorials

01:05:14 - Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Coach Magill, let's talk a little bit about you.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls some of the honors he's received while working at UGA. He remembers his parents' education at UGA and discusses his plans to write a book about his experiences in the Marine Corps during World War II. He recounts his experience playing in the National Negro Table Tennis competition in 1945.

Keywords: UGA; United States Marine Corps; University of Georgia; World War II