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Interview with Dan Magill, Part 1, April 21, 2006

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:17 - Growing up in Athens

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Partial Transcript: Let's start at the beginning, and the beginning was right here in Athens.

Segment Synopsis: Magill remembers his formative years in Athens and the history of Athens Regional Hospital and the YMCA. He discusses his parents' education at UGA, his family's careers in print journalism, and his graduation from UGA with a degree in journalism in 1942. He recalls watching his first football game at UGA in 1929.

Keywords: Athens Banner; Athens Banner-Herald; Athens General Hospital; Athens High School; Athens Regional Hospital; Robert Park; UGA; University of Georgia; Walter T. Forbes; World War I; YMCA; Young Men's Christian Association; college football; journalism

00:09:40 - Working with UGA sports before college

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Partial Transcript: Talk to us a little bit -- I had read it somewhere that you were a bat boy and a manager of the tennis courts.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls various jobs he had at UGA before he attended college there, including cutting grass at Sanford Stadium, working as a bat boy in 1931, and managing the tennis courts while in high school. He discusses creating the Crackerland tennis tournament in 1939. He also remembers holding the chain for the 1949 Georgia-Alabama football game and swimming at the YMCA.

Keywords: Charley Trippi; Crackerland tournament; Pleas "Clegg" Starks; UGA; University of Geogia; YMCA; Young Men's Christian Association; baseball; college sports; football; swimming; tennis

00:18:43 - Marriage / Work as sports writer and sports information director

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Partial Transcript: Did you meet Mrs. Magill while you were in college?

Segment Synopsis: Magill shares details on his wife's family history, her education at UGA, and their marriage in 1944. He recalls working as a sports writer at the Atlanta Journal newspaper to promote high school sports. He remembers returning to Athens in 1949 to work as UGA's Sports Information Director and to organize Bulldog Clubs across Georgia.

Keywords: Atlanta Journal; Bulldog Clubs; City All Stars; County All Stars; Georgia High School All-Star Football Game; James Wallace "Wally" Butts; Kappa Alpha Theta; Spurgeon Chandler; UGA; University of Georgia; Whitlow Wyatt; baseball; college sports; football; high school sports

00:26:17 - Travelling with the Circus / Learning German

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Partial Transcript: I'm not sure, but that you give Ringling a run for his money, Coach Magill.

Segment Synopsis: Magill shares anecdotes about travelling across Georgia with the Ringling Brothers Circus when he was twelve or thirteen and learning German from former UGA baseball player John Morris.

Keywords: Charles Morris; John Marsh; John Ringling North; Ringling Brothers; Sylvanus Morris; circus; college baseball; education

00:31:44 - Clegg Starks / Meeting Steadman Sanford

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Partial Transcript: Getting back to David Crenshaw Barrow, he lived on the campus and was president many years.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls meeting UGA Chancellor David Crenshaw Barrow and recounts the life of Pleas "Clegg" Starks. He remembers Clegg's athleticism and meeting Steadman V. Sanford, UGA Faculty Chairman of Athletics, while travelling on a train with Clegg.

Keywords: David Crenshaw Barrow; Herman Stegman; John A. Sanford; Pleas "Clegg" Starks; UGA; University of Georgia

00:37:23 - Herman Stegeman's and Charlie Martin's Careers at UGA

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Partial Transcript: Coach Steg was really, uh, he was the greatest man I've ever known in athletics at the University of Georgia.

Segment Synopsis: McGill shares details of Herman Stegeman's family and career at UGA from his beginning as a coach for several sports in 1919. He recounts how Stegeman established the Southern Conference basketball tournament in Georgia in 1920 and convinced Yale to play the inaugural football game in Sanford Stadium in 1929. He details sports manager Charlie Martin's work as the unofficial sports information director for UGA and his role in getting privet hedges placed on the perimeter of the football field.

Keywords: Bob McWhorter; Charlie Martin; Herman Stegeman; UGA; University of Georgia; WASP; Women Airforce Service Pilots; Yale University; athletic directors; college basketball; college football; college sports; privet hedge

00:45:36 - The story behind UGA's Bulldog mascot

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk a little bit about when you came back and after you got the Bulldog Clubs going, how did we get Uga?

Segment Synopsis: Magill explains why the University of Georgia adopted a bulldog as its mascot in the 1920s and how Uga got his name. He reminisces on several of the mascots, particularly Uga V.

Keywords: Frank W. "Sonny" Seiler; Sports Illustrated; UGA; University of Georgia; University of Georgia School of Law; Yale University; college mascots

00:51:16 - Head Tennis Coach / Ty Cobb

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Partial Transcript: In 1954 you were named head coach of the tennis program...

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls becoming tennis coach in 1955. He remembers interviewing baseball player Ty Cobb four times, shares details of Cobb's background, and recounts when Cobb invited him to dinner in Palo Alto, California in 1950.

Keywords: Albert Jones; Charles Herty; Ty Cobb; Tyrus Raymond Cobb; UGA; University of Georgia; college tennis

00:57:30 - Children and their education

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Partial Transcript: Let's go back, then, and talk a little bit about your family.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls getting leave from the Marine Corps to see the birth of his son in 1945. He shares details about his children's education.

Keywords: Chi Omega; Emory University; Princeton University; St. Mary's Hospital (Athens, Ga.); UGA; USMC; United States Air Force; United States Marine Corps; University of Georgia; college tennis

01:05:10 - Developing the tennis program

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Partial Transcript: ...but with -- you see, uh -- I had two boys who would -- that I, we didn't have any scholarships when I was tennis coach.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recalls his thirty-four year career as tennis coach and talks about developing local talent for the team. He remembers singer Kenny Rogers funding the Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame in 1983 and actress Kim Basinger donating to the tennis program.

Keywords: Billy Lenore; Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame; Danny Birchmore; Kenny Rogers; Kim Basinger; Marianne Gordon; UGA; University of Georgia; college tennis

01:10:32 - Best tennis athletes at UGA / Women in college tennis

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Partial Transcript: You won 706 tennis matches -- 706 to 183 was your record?

Segment Synopsis: Magill remembers some of the best athletes that he coached. He recalls his efforts to establish a women's sports program and how a female undergraduate, Becky Birchmore, secured a spot on the men's team.

Subjects: Barbara Dupree; Becky Birchmore; Danny Birchmore; Manual Diaz; Michael Pernfores; college tennis; women's sports

01:18:53 - UGA's greatest athletes and coaches / Closing thoughts

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Partial Transcript: You've seen some great athletes over the years, and not just in tennis.

Segment Synopsis: Magill recounts some of the greatest athletes and coaches he has seen at UGA. He also shares his thoughts on what makes a winning athletic team.

Keywords: Francis Asbury "Fran" Tarkenton; Herschel Walker; Joel Eaves; Pleas "Clegg" Starks; UGA; University of Georgia; Vincent "Vince" Dooley; college football; college sports