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Interview with Shirley Miller, December 16, 2008

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:35 - Early life and marriage

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Partial Transcript: You grew up in North Carolina.

Segment Synopsis: Miller describes growing up in Rail Cove, North Carolina, attending Young Harris College, and meeting her husband, Zell Miller. She talks about their moves to different places for employment, and Zell Miller's first campaign for Georgia State Senate.

Keywords: Georgia State Senate; Rail Cove, North Carolina; Young Harris College; campaign; marriage; politics

00:10:56 - Banking career / Zell Miller's early political campaigns

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Partial Transcript: You had quite a banking career.

Segment Synopsis: Miller discusses her banking career, including working for C&S Bank in Buckhead and implementing a national bank charter for a new bank in Decatur. She discusses Zell's campaign for lieutenant governor, and her occupations during his time in that position.

Keywords: Buckhead; C&S Bank; bank charter; banking; campaign; lieutenant governor

00:20:43 - Advocating for adult literacy

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Partial Transcript: So he was elected and you move into the governor's mansion.

Segment Synopsis: Miller discusses her quick adjustment to living in the governor's mansion. She talks about the experiences that inspired her to advocate for adult education, and her focus on literacy, GED completion, and technical school education. She describes the Certified Literate Community Program. Miller also mentions her work on mental retardation under the Carter Administration.

Subjects: Certified Literate Community Program; GED; adult education; adult literacy; governor's mansion; technical schools

00:32:38 - Further initiatives as First Lady

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Partial Transcript: Back to life at the mansion, give us a typical day as First Lady.

Segment Synopsis: Miller discusses the public activities organized at the Governor's Mansion, the administration's support of the business and arts community, and the focus on state economic development.

Keywords: arts; economic development; governor's mansion

00:38:54 - Preparing for the Atlanta 1996 Olympics

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Partial Transcript: You were First Lady during the Olympics.

00:51:13 - Post-governor work

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Partial Transcript: Well, Governor Miller finishes his second term...

00:57:46 - Social life

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Partial Transcript: Tell us if you will a little bit about the social life...

01:08:57 - Keynote speech at Republican National Convention

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Partial Transcript: Speak to us a little bit about his being an author...

Segment Synopsis: Miller discusses the speech Zell wrote