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Interview with Barboura G. Raesly, Interview 1, May 27, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:01 - Raesly's career with Russell and at the UGA Special Collections Libraries

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Partial Transcript: Babs, how long were you the senator's personal secretary?

Keywords: Richard B. Russell, Jr. Papers; UGA libraries; University of Georgia; artifacts

00:04:58 - Russell's temperament / 1952 presidential nomination

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Partial Transcript: But generally, what was his overall mood?

Keywords: Adlai Stevenson; Democratic Party; Eisenhower; campaign; character; civil rights; integrity; modesty

00:11:07 - Russell in Washington and Georgia

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Partial Transcript: Could you give us some of his closest friends...

Keywords: John Stennis; Lyndon Johnson; Milton Young; friends; humor; mimicry; personality; recreation; sports

00:17:02 - Issues under Hoover and Truman

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Partial Transcript: What do you think motivated the senator politically?

Keywords: General MacArthur; Great Depression; Hoover; Roosevelt; Senate Armed Services Committee; Truman; WWII; Yalta; rural electrification; school lunch

00:26:50 - Issues under Eisenhower and Kennedy

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Partial Transcript: Under President Eisenhower we had an action not by the president himself, but by the Supreme Court...

Keywords: 29:50; Bay of Pigs; Gary Powers; U-2; Vietnam; communism