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Interview with John Rich Austin, April 14, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:16 - Austin's admiration of Russell / Campaigning against Congressman Crisp

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Austin, would you mind telling me about your earliest association with Senator Russell?

Keywords: Atlanta Constitution; Tom Watson; UGA; University of Georgia; Winder; campaign; legacy; monument

00:13:02 - Advising Dick Russell on the armory and roads

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Partial Transcript: Dick Russell has done things at the National Guard armory over here.

Keywords: West Point; appropiations; development; highways; land; military; property

00:28:56 - Austin's close friendship with Russell / Russell's health / Holding the Democratic party line

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Partial Transcript: He was a true friend. I can't forget him.

Keywords: Democratic Party; Lyndon Johnson; emphysema; favors; reliability; voting

00:37:52 - Russell's admiration of Tom Watson / Tales of Richard B. Russell, Sr.

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Partial Transcript: We've been to his campaign and lots of different places...

Keywords: Judge Russell; Tom Watson; Willis Brown; campaigns; court; speeches

00:49:31 - Richard Russell III's election / Senator Russell's temperament

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Partial Transcript: I know at one time Richard Russell III was a judge....

Keywords: opposition; personality

00:58:47 - Russell's bachelorhood

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Partial Transcript: Did he ever discuss with you why he didn't get married?

Keywords: Babe Ruth; Claire Merritt Hodgson; dating; girlfriend; singleness

01:05:01 - Austin's involvement in real estate insurance / Russell's thoughts on President Kennedy's assassination

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Partial Transcript: When he was governor of the state of Georgia, I was in the real estate business...

Keywords: Lyndon Johnson; Southern Senators; Warren Commission; favors; insurance