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Interview with S. Marvin Griffin, March 23, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:19 - Russell's early campaign stunts

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Partial Transcript: Governor Griffin, would you mind telling me about your earliest association with Senator Russell?

Keywords: 1930; 1932; 1936; Charles Crisp; Eugene Talmadge; General Assembly; elections; governor; legislature; tactics

00:08:06 - The 1936 Senate race / Senate seniority / Russell's support for FDR

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Partial Transcript: You had indicated to me before we started taping that you taught at a Virginia School--Randolph-Macon College in Virginia--and you came back to Georgia in 1934, to run for your father's seat in the legislature.

Keywords: Democratic Party; Eugene Talmadge; General Assembly; Great Depression; Harry Byrd; Roosevelt; campaign; opposition

00:16:07 - Fundraising for Russell's 1952 vice presidential campaign

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Partial Transcript: Did you have any active part in any of Russell's campaigns like the 1936 campaign?

Keywords: 1948; 1952; DNC; Democratic National Convention; Kefauver; fundraising

00:23:15 - Russell's prospects for the presidency / FDR's impact on Georgia politics

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Partial Transcript: ...a well-respected person-- said that he didn't believe that Russell would have become President even if he were born outside of the South...

Keywords: 1938 Senate race; 1948; 1952; 1956; DNC; Democratic National Convention; Eugene Talmadge; Lawrence; SCOTUS; Supreme Court; Taft-Hartley; Walter George; campaigns; candidacy; court packing; nominations

00:34:21 - Russell's priorities when visiting combat zones / Senator Russell and General MacArthur

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Partial Transcript: I can recall--in 1943, I was in New Guinea at the time and I was a battalion commander of a battalion of all Georgians for the most part...

Keywords: Douglas MacArthur; letters; military

00:41:41 - Refusing to run against Russell / Griffin's respect for Russell

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Partial Transcript: About the tail end of the war, I became Adjutant General of Georgia...

Keywords: Adjutant General; Senate; integrity

00:48:47 - Brown v. Board of Education / Building roads in Georgia / Russell's hesitance to make endorsements

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Partial Transcript: Let's see--now, I believe in 1954, were you Lieutenant Governor at that time or were you--?

Keywords: Carl Sanders; Harry Byrd; Interstate Highway Bill; Jimmy Carter; Little Rock 9; Public Highway Act; education; infrastucture; integration; race; schools; segregation

01:01:29 - Russell's political acumen and populism / Russell's negative feedback on Griffin's Gettysburg article / Criticisms of Russell's bachelorhood and wealth

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Partial Transcript: Governor, what would you say is the most outstanding personality trait of Russell?

Keywords: Civil War; Supreme Court; constituency; democracy; districting; filibuster; marriage; population