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00:00:00 - Introduction of Basketball to School

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Partial Transcript: The first two years the 6th and 7th grades and we had a high
school teacher to teach the 8th and 9th grades, but I was principal of the

Segment Synopsis: Andrew Avery discusses the introduction of basketball to the school where he was principal.

Keywords: Andrew Avery; Basketball; Educators; Fundraising; High schools; Physical education; Principals; Schools; Sports; Students

00:05:26 - Education Initiatives

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Partial Transcript: [inaudible] free school books. Because I made a statewide report of one
hundred and fifty-nine school systems and found out just how many books they
needed and how many of those peoples couldn't afford to buy books.

Segment Synopsis: Andrew Avery describes various education initiatives, such as school books for children and a teacher retirement system.

Keywords: Andrew Avery; Bills; Books; Children; Educators; House of Representatives; Laws; Retirement plans; Schools; State legislature; Students; Taxes

00:07:34 - First Aid Exercises

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Partial Transcript: Sewing, first aid, and many other things calling to young people of that age
were carried on at this institution.

Segment Synopsis: Andrew Avery describing first aid exercises from footage of his home movies (VHS #2).

Keywords: Andrew Avery; Doctors; First aid; Home economics; Home movies; Nurses; Sewing; Vaccinations; Wood stoves; X-Rays

00:09:37 - Johnson Memorial Hospital and Personal Life

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Partial Transcript: In your film that was done on the blacks, the Negro film, you had
some shots of the hospital that was just a black hospital. Tell me about where
it was, and where it was started, and what happened to it, and...

Segment Synopsis: Andrew Avery discusses the history of Dr. Griffin's Johnson Memorial Hospital and his life growing up in Decatur County.

Keywords: "Bainbridge Hospital"; "Bainbridge Memorial Hospital"; "Johnson Memorial Hospital"; "Pine Hill Consolidated School"; "Riverside Hospital"; African Americans; Andrew Avery; Buffets; Church suppers; Dr. Joesph Griffin; Families; Flint River; Hospitals; Houses and homes; Jack Gaines; Negroes; Vada