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Andrew Avery Home Movies Film Reel 9: hm-avr_0080

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00:00:00 - Parade Scenes and Livestock Show

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Partial Transcript: Two young women at hotdog cart prepare hotdog for boy on sidewalk in front of Rexall drug store;

Parade: motorcycle escort, men with flags, men in suits riding in convertibles, clowns in truck, marching band with gold uniforms, "Miss Decatur County" seated in convertible, girls riding in back of truck, float with two people standing next to large cross which says "my peace";

Parade continued: women on float, 4-H float with kids in overalls and a tractor, marching band, floats, float with sign: "9th Annual Grady County Corn Show" and women in formal attire, float depicting pig roast, double decker bus, women in convertibles, women on floats, float with tableau depicting raising of flag at Iwo Jima, float depicting a church, many elaborate floats;

Parade continued;

Beauty queens holding flowers stand posed by cars;

Man kisses beauty queen who is wearing a tiara;

Four girls in skirts and sweaters stand next to sign reading "Junior Class";

Convertible festooned with crepe paper and full of teenagers drives by;

Boys pose in football uniforms;

Preparations for another parade: people walking around floats;

Preparations continued: people arranging themselves on floats and in cars - floats and cars preparing to join parade;

Parade: police motorcycle, police car, car with streamers children riding on fire engine, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, cheerleaders on car, people riding in cars, marching band;

Houses in city neighborhood in springtime, trees are blooming;

Fair or livestock auction: boys and young men guide hogs around pens using sticks while onlookers, mostly men, observe;

Continued: fair or livestock auction;

Large group of army officers gathered outdoors under pine trees - many are drinking from paper cups as they talk informally;

City street decorated with silver garlands and stars, possibly for Christmas;

Airplane flies over decorated city;

Garland with star

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains scenes of various parades and livestock shows. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, Georgia.

Keywords: 4-H clubs; Airplanes; Beauty pageant contestants; Boy Scouts; Color film; Floats; Hogs; Houses and homes; Livestock shows; Marching bands; Military officers and uniforms; Parades; Pigs; Street decorations

00:06:00 - Political Rally and Parade Scenes

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Partial Transcript: Banner (hanging above street): "Marvin Griffin for Governor / Vote Sept. 8th";

Water tower with sign: "Moultrie";

Two men walking down a street carrying signs which say "Gee Haw for Griffin";

Banner (hanging above street): "Elect Marvin Griffin Governor";

Parade moving quickly down city street: police motorcycle leads cars - people in the cars are waving;

Man holding a hat stands looking at side of a car which has sign: "Decatur County Wants Marvin Griffin";

Man leans into car to talk to someone riding in back seat - a man and a woman sitting in the front seat - sign on car door reads "Georgia Wants Marvin Griffin";

Police motorcycle;

People next to car with sign on roof reading: "Seminole County for Marvin Griffin";

Sign: "Bibb County for Marvin Griffin";

Political rally: most men wearing straw hats - there are balloons and loudspeakers;

Crowd at rally;

Crowd at rally - people on platform decked with bunting - sign on platform: "Griffin";

People on platform, waving;

People in crowd, including police officers - one officer has a cigar;

Man talking into microphone behind "Marvin Griffin" sign and shooting a V-for Victory sign;

Old woman waves Confederate battle flag, stands with two men at podium;

Sign: "Griffin All the Way";

Several people at podium, speaking;

Looking over heads of crowd, man waving both his hands;

Looking across the crowd toward the platform;

Crowd in front of a huge white Greek revival building;

Different political rally: men talk into microphone at podium on open platform in front of unidentified brick building;

Woman accepts a pot of flowers that someone hands her and poses with them;

Seven seated women;

Far across an open field: a rainbow;

Banner (hanging above street): "Welcome Home Governor Griffin / Georgia's Favorite Son";


Banner (hanging above street): "Welcome friends of Governor Marvin Griffin";

Parade?: military marching band;

Majorettes standing in place and twirling batons;

Two men talking;

Marching band, standing in place, playing;

Country band on a stage - band includes two women in green, fringed cowgirl outfits;


Country band on a stage - band includes two women in green, fringed cowgirl outfits;

Crowd (many shots of people in crowd);

Parade, led by motorcycle, coming down street toward camera - parade is all people riding in cars (there are no floats);

Rally with speeches in front of Bainbridge Courthouse: includes clips of various speakers at podium and one very old woman wearing a white dress and a hat;

Rally continued: speakers, including two women, and crowd - man holding a ten-inch gold bell;

People from audience, walking around after the event;

Parade, led by three people on horseback - marching band - people in convertibles decorated with streamers - people riding on what looks like a railroad car - it has a sign reading "REA Day";

People seated at table with microphones on platform;

Parade continued: floats, some of which are very elaborate - marching bands, people riding in cars, floats include "Lest we forget," "Cairo Garden Club," "Kiwanis," "Lions," "Rotary," "Decatur County," "Cairo Women's Club 1988" [?];

Parade continued;

Looking up at two seated men, then at three standing men, on platform;

Very long one-story brick building;

Lettering on side of building: "REA";

Women on float;

Women on float which is not moving;

Women from float talking to other people;

Large group of men in suits, shown a few at a time;

Men talk into microphone on covered platform - one man hands another man a gift-wrapped package;

Christmas parade approaching;

Christmas parade: marching band, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts (some riding in a truck), people in cars, marching band;

Christmas parade continued: Tanks, floats, Future Farmers of America, fire truck, Santa Claus on a float, an African American high school marching band with majorettes;

Children and parents crowding up to Santa Claus

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains scenes of a political rally for Marvin Griffin, as well as various parade scenes. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, Georgia.

Keywords: "Bainbridge Courthouse"; "Cairo Garden Club"; "Cairo Women's Club"; "Moultrie"; "REA Day"; African American marching band; Bands; Boy Scouts; Color film; Confederate flag; Crowds; Future Farmers of America; Governors; Lions Club; Marching band; Marvin Griffin; Parades; Political rallies; Signs and banners; Speakers; Speeches; Water towers

00:14:52 - Monument Dedication, Livestock Show, and Parade Scenes

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Partial Transcript: Groups of people, most standing in shadow, watching something which is taking place off-camera;

Continued: groups of people, most standing in shadow, watching something which is taking place off-camera;

Woman draws back white cloth to unveil a large, granite monument - a second woman lays a wreath at the base of the monument;

Onlookers at unveiling;

Onlookers and monument;


Men and women examine monument;

Bible encased in glass on top of monument;

Side of monument (can't read inscription);

Front of monument (can't read inscription);

Bible encased in glass on top of monument;

Cows in a field;

Thirty to forty men approaching across a field;

Ribbons handed out to people at livestock show;

Young men holding blue ribbons pose with bulls while other men and women lean on railings of pen and watch them;

Hereford bull;

People milling around and talking;

Continued: people milling around and talking;

Young men herding hogs with sticks;


Men with hogs, possibly breaking up a fight between hogs;

People milling around and talking;

Large, open field;

Men in a field, talking, looking at crops, walking across a field;

Corn in field;

Men walking past corn;

Corn in field;

Men at a cookout, ribs on a grill;

Parade: several cars with brooms sticking out of them;

Man rides horse down dirt road past pine trees;

Banner (hanging above street): "Help the Lions / Buy a broom / Help the blind";

Parade: Baseball team in uniforms riding on a fire truck - majorettes and marching band - floats;

Parade continued;

Black slug

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains scenes of a monument unveiling and dedication, as well as scenes of livestock shows and parades. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, Georgia.

Keywords: Banners; Bibles; Bulls; Color film; Cookouts; Corn; Cornfield; Dedications and ceremonies; Fire trucks; Grilling; Hogs; Horses; Lions Clubs; Livestock shows; Monuments; Parades; Pigs; Sows

00:20:17 - Church Scenes, Graduation Scenes, and Livestock Shows

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Partial Transcript: Trees;


Front of brick church with sign over door;

Front of church: "Hopeful Baptist Church";

People come out of church;

Continued: people come out of church;

About twenty young men and women wearing caps and gowns file past camera;

People walking, standing, talking, outside church;

Graduates stand talking;

Lots of people come out of the church;

Continued: people come out of the church;

Children, posed;

Graduates, posed;

Adults chatting near Hopeful Baptist Church and in parking lot;

Cars driving down road, church in background;

Sign on side of road: "Future Farmers of America - Hopeful";

Livestock show: boys and young men are given blue ribbons for Hereford bulls - young men seated on railings;

Boys posed with winning bulls;

Young family, posed;

Two boys in white tuxedos with two girls in formal gowns, walking;

Graduates wearing caps and gowns, posed;

Young women in formal gowns;

Young men in suits;

Graduates file past camera;

Young women in formals and young men in suits file past camera;

People walking toward the church;

People in front of the church;

People walking away from the church;

Continued: people walking away from the church;

Church supper: buffet tables, food, people in buffet line, eating, sitting & standing, talking;

Church supper continued;

Black slug

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains various church scenes, students dressed in graduation uniforms, as well as various scenes of livestock shows. These scenes occur in and around Bainbridge, Georgia.

Keywords: "Future Farmers of America - Hopeful"; "Hopeful Baptist Church"; Awards; Buffets; Bulls; Children; Christian churches; Church suppers; Color film; Formal attire; Graduation uniforms; Livestock shows; Ribbons; Students

00:27:05 - Family Footage I

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Partial Transcript: Cane grinding: horse, hitched to wooden machine, walks in circle to turn machine;

Man kneels by sweet potatoes;

Old man with beard shows parts of butchered hogs - women join him and hold up hog parts;

African American woman pushes wheelbarrow load of hams;


Woman holds birthday cake with lots of candles on it;

Cake: frosting says "Happy Birthday to You";

Woman carrying cake with lit candles;

Beef roast on platter;

Family gathered around a table - man cuts the cake;

Group of teenagers, dressed up and posed;

Two close shots of posed group;

Sow in field;

Boy kneels with turkey;

Several unidentified foods on platters;

Cake covered with gumdrops;

Very elaborate floral arrangements (Grandpa Avery's grave);

Woman holding small wedding cake (or top layer of wedding cake);

Woman holding small wedding cake (or top layer of wedding cake) walks toward camera;

Tiny baby in bassinet;

Across field toward white house;



Pigs with children, including a boy who is not as tall as they are, all in sandy area near farm buildings;

Toddler in pen with pigs;

Boys with cows in pen;

Tiny boy on brick gatepost;

Boy rides bicycle between brick gateposts toward camera;

Boy on bicycle with toddler on handlebars, two other boys;

Seated woman holding baby;


Toddler with seated woman and baby;

Woman with baby, toddler, and three boys near pink bush in field;

Woman with baby, toddler, and three boys near pink bush in field - seen from a distance, house in background;

Red roses on bush;

Yellow Dahlias;

Pink hydrangeas;

Baby in bassinet;

Toddler pushing baby in bassinet;

Baby in bassinet;

House, seen from across field;

Toddler boy and toddler girl sit at little blue table with a cake on it;


Little girl in highchair with cake;

Little girl in highchair with cake, with woman and toddler;

Family posed on steps: includes parents, two boys, baby girl, and dog;

Baby crawling on white cement path leading to house;

Woman helping baby walk on cement path;

Baby crawling on sidewalk and climbing porch steps of house;

Baby in yard by rose bed;

Baby on cement path;

Family posed on steps of house;

Baby in yard by rose bed;

Woman in posed family group - she has cake on her lap which says "Mother";

Woman carries cake up sidewalk;

Woman sits holding child and cake;

Little girl sits in little white rocking chair by pink azalea near corner of house;

Girl in rocking chair;

Woman on steps of house with toddler boy and girl in chairs, woman makes the chairs rock;

Man with two children on steps of house;

Older boy with two children on bicycle;

Older boy riding bicycle up dirt drive, with toddler girl riding on handlebars;

Three black-and-white cats and one tabby cat in pen;

Three or four black-and-white cats and one tabby cat on grass by dirt drive, feet of toddler approaching cats;

Across field toward white house with boy standing in front of it - three boys ride bicycles past standing boy;

Boy near house watching bicycle go by;

Older man squats in field, approximately two-year-old child seated on small chair next to him, approximately three-year-old boy wearing straw hat standing next to seated child;

Older couple seated in chairs on lawn near white house - brown-and-white cat walks under their chairs;

Older seated couple get up and walk toward camera;

Older couple seated again - they get up from their chairs and walk out of the frame to the right

Segment Synopsis: This footage primarily contains scenes of the Avery family. Other scenes include cane grinding and farming practices. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, Georgia.

Keywords: Babies; Birthday cakes; Birthdays; Butchering; Cane grinding; Cattle; Children; Color film; Cows; Families; Family meals; Farming; Flowers; Gardens; Hogs; Houses and homes; Pigs; Sows; Sweet potatoes; Toddlers; Turkeys

00:38:11 - Family Footage II

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Partial Transcript: Younger couple: blonde woman in a suit and man in slacks and shirt, come out of front door of house and walk down steps;

Across field with a few young pine trees in it toward a house;

Field with something low, green, leafy with purple flowers growing in it (maybe snapdragons?);

Across field with no trees in it toward a white house - an adult and a child are on porch of house;

Toddler girl in white rocking chair in field with purple flowers;

Toddler girl in white rocking chair in field with purple flowers - little boy standing behind rocking chair - woman seated next to rocking chair;

Toddler girl in white rocking chair in field with purple flowers - little boy standing behind rocking chair;

Across field toward house - blue car drives past house;

Across field toward house;

Two men and two women walking under pine trees, approaching camera. Couple on the left is younger, and man in that couple is dressed in army uniform with a garrison cap;

Two couples walking left to right through frame, still under pine trees;

Two couples bending over and pulling up some kind of short, bright green plant - maybe wild onions?;

Toddler boy with four large red hogs in grass;

Two couples posed in foreground with house in background;

Red truck drives away from house, toward camera;

Blue car drives away from house, toward camera;

Large watermelon amid foliage;

Toddler and young boy standing by watermelon - one child sits on watermelon;

Teen boy splits watermelon in half;

Young boy kneels between melon halves;

Two melon halves;

One melon half;

Five children kneel behind melon half and eat some of it;

Across wide open field, through gap in trees, toward gray and white house;

Across field through young pines toward white house (two views);

Front of gray house with wide porches and sandy drive;

Red truck parked by gray house;

Red truck drives past gray house;

Young woman carrying little girl walks past house and turns toward camera;

Young woman carrying little girl walks toward camera - a farm with several crops, including corn, in the field is in background;

Little girl pets white dog in field;

Across a swept yard toward a gray house;

Fenced-in green field, with trees in background;

Woman in navy dress kneels by peony or rosebush in sandy lawn;

Boy rides horse through field followed by two walking boys;

Boy on horse which is standing still;

Two children;

Dark haired woman with approximately one-year-old blonde girl on her lap;

Man wearing red ball cap walks across lawn holding toddler boy's hand;

Older woman carrying one-year-old with teen girl in shorts and bathing suit top and young boy - they walk across lawn toward camera;

Teen girl carrying one-year-old, with little boy;

Man in red cap kneels and shakes hands with young child;

Young boy and very young boy shake hands;

Outdoor church supper or picnic: people on both sides of long buffet table - two women, one on each side of table, hold something - maybe a cake - between them;

Seven or eight young and very young children standing outside near adults;

Young man in cap and gown walks out of house and past camera - a graduate;

Woman stands with, then throws one arm around, young man in cap and gown;

Two young children wearing straw hats, with sacks slung across their shoulders, picking cotton in field. Down rows behind children is a man picking cotton in another row;

Seven or eight people picking cotton in large field, some are in foreground and some are in background;

German shepherd-mix dog shaking opossum in its mouth - dog is in grass near sandy drive;

Dog guarding opossum from white cat;

Dog laying down, opossum at its feet;

Man in dirt yard in front of brick building holding Hereford bull by bridle;

Large pink flower on bush, silhouetted against sky (rose or peony) Two young boys in overalls, one seated and holding a straw hat, the other standing and wearing his straw hat, stacking peanut plants - seated boy gets up and helps stack;

Older man (Uncle Johnnie) and two boys ride on cart pulled by black mule;

Older man seated on cart with boys (cart is not moving);

Boys stacking peanut plants;

Boys pose with stack of peanut plants - one boy holds up a peanut;

African American man in field pitchforking peanut plants onto stack and packing them down;

Toddler boy in overalls and striped shirt falls off of tricycle near flower bed edged with cinderblock;

Toddler boy in overalls and navy shirt standing next to flower bed edged with cinderblock throws a ball;

Toddler boy in overalls and striped shirt catches ball;

Approximately eight-year-old blonde boy sits next to brick ledge on which there is a birthday cake with candles;

Cake with white frosting, pink and yellow roses, reads "Happy Birthday Billy";

Man with four children sitting on steps of house - one child holds a cake;

Four children, one carrying a cake, walk up concrete walkway toward house;

Two boys, about five years old, using shovels and rake to pretend to dig and work in lawn in front of flower bed edged with cinderblock;

Birthday cake with chocolate frosting, resting on lawn - cake says "Happy Birthday Andrew, Jr.";

Three boys sit on lawn next to cinderblock-edged flower bed - middle boy has cake on his lap;

Gray-haired woman, seated, holds decorated cake on her lap - in background is picnic table with green plaid tablecloth, food on it;

Decorated cake, reads: "Happy Birthday Grandmother";

About twenty-five or thirty people pose behind picnic table - part of house is in background

Segment Synopsis: This footage primarily contains scenes of the Avery family. Other scenes include church suppers and peanut harvesting. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, Georgia.

Keywords: African American men; Babies; Birthday cakes; Birthdays; Buffets; Children; Church suppers; Color film; Corn; Cotton; Crops; Dogs; Families; Flowers; Fruit; Gardens; Hogs; Horse; Houses and homes; Military officers and uniforms; Mules; Peanut harvesting; Pigs; Possums; Toddlers; Watermelons

00:45:14 - The Goat Man and Livestock Shows

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Partial Transcript: The Goat Man: man walks down side of highway toward camera - about eight goats pull a cart which is about ten feet high and twenty feet long and loaded with miscellany - more goats follow the cart;

Two young boys (Daniel Avery and Andrew Avery, Jr.) stand next to side of house with white siding - in front of the house is a pink azalea in bloom - boys walk out of flower bed and toward camera - older boy walks out of the picture while younger one poses in front of the house;

People standing outside with a bull - older man stands behind bull and young child sits astride it;

Two boys (Devon and Billy) with Hereford bull - they are in an open barn or stall, brushing the animal;

Two boys, two bulls: each boy holds a bull by its bridle - open window in background lights the scene - boys lead bulls toward camera;

One boy brushing one bull;

Pale pink roses on a bush;

Man in army uniform walks through yard which has bedded roses throughout - man holds toddler boy's hand;

Soldier kneels and smells a rose;

Toddler and baby (Daniel Avery and Andrew Avery, Jr.) with car: blond boy stands in open car door with hands on steering wheel - child with curly red hair sits in child seat on front seat of car, also has hands on steering wheel;

Car parked, both doors open, house in background;

Woman stands near open driver's door of car holding red haired child - little boy sits on driver's seat facing camera;

Red haired baby in child seat behind steering wheel of car;

Boys and men in pen with cattle at livestock show. One man has a clipboard and appears to be trying to give directions - people are walking around in the background - boys are standing with their bulls in foreground;

Young boy in yellow shirt stands between two bulls - he has a long stick in his left hand and holds the bull's bridle in his right hand;

Boy with blue ribbon on his jacket stands with bull;

First boy with bull;

Second boy with bull;

Man stands with bull and boy in yellow shirt - four or five other people stand behind them;

Men standing in front of bull - other people are behind them;

Hereford bull with sign on its side: "Prime";

Head of Hereford bull with red ribbon hanging from his bridle;

Teen girls and boys lead bulls in circle in pen;

Two men lead recalcitrant Hereford bull that still has his horns by rope bridle in grassy field;

Boy with blue ribbon on his sweater leads Hereford bull by rope bridle across dirt yard toward camera - in background is a man standing next to a black van with loudspeakers on its roof parked in front of a building - sign on door of van reads: "Public Address System";

Same boy leads bull down grassy slope - in background is tall white building with towers on either side and a smaller tower, which looks like a bell tower, in the center [looks like a mission-style Catholic church];

Younger boy holds a Hereford bull by its bridle in dirt yard - behind them are other bulls and a brick wall;

Younger boy with bull;

Younger boy with bull - a man (Mr. Palmer) stands on the other side of the bull and reaches over it to shake hands with the boy;

Man wearing hat (Mr. Casswell), with five bulls - behind them are pine trees;

Man in hat is grooming one of the bulls - just off camera is another man grooming another bull: his arm and hand are seen as he brushes bull closest to right of picture;

Man in hat and young boy with bull: boy holds bull's bridle and man brushes bull;

Man in hat, two boys, and three bulls: man and older boy stand on either side of center bull - toddler boy sits astride bull (seen from the side);

Man and older boy with toddler boy sitting astride bull (seen from front);

Man and older boy with toddler boy sitting astride bull (seen from side again) - a third boy, barely seen, brushes bull's forelock;

Man with boy and two bulls in a pen, pine trees in background. man is very carefully grooming one bull's coat while the boy holds that bull's bridle with one hand and brushes it with the other hand. man appears to be teaching boy how to do this;

Boy watches man kneeling at head of smaller, black-and-white bull which is pulling back on its bridle - other bulls are in background in pen;

Man (Grandpa Brock - Mrs. Avery's father) stands in pen with Hereford bull, holding it by its bridle - in background, seated on side of pen, are three men or boys;

Two men picking corn in field;

Young boy in overalls with black sow;

Black sow on steps of porch, then walking down the steps;

Black sow in field (has very narrow band on front shoulders);

Two sows and about ten piglets (all are black with white stripe) in yard covered with fallen leaves - shed or barn in background;

Sow and piglets;

Black and white pigs walking across a field;

Beehive in tree;

Hands reaching up toward hive, holding cardboard box;

Man up in tree, reaching toward beehive;

Cardboard box with hive in it - bees crawling on all surfaces of box;

Man dumping bees and beehive out of box into white wooden beekeeper's box;

White wooden beekeeper's box with bees coming out of top;

Pink roses on a bush;

Red roses on a bush;

Pale pink roses on a bush;

Two men in uniforms (Air Force?) walking briskly across lawn toward camera - in background is two-story white house with columns and porch and lots of pink azaleas in bloom in yard;

Pink azalea bushes;

Women and men talking to the two men in uniform, standing in partial shade near house;

Men and women talking to each other - standing in shade - pine trees in background;

People standing in shade watching as a mule walks in a circle turning a mill (?) - man standing by mill (?);

Little boy in overalls and striped shirt walks toward camera;

Little boy in overalls and striped shirt shaking hands with man in suit and hat;

Man standing next to outdoor fireplace which has a fire going in it;

Boy in overalls riding white horse on dirt road, trees in background - shepherd-collie mix dog follows horse;

Red barn in background - row of men standing along or sitting on wooden fence in midground - boy gets on white horse, facing standing man, in foreground;

Man leads horse with teenage boy astride across paddock - horse throws boy off - man leading horse jumps back - boy gets up off ground and jumps back - boy back on horse;

Two women stand talking in shade - behind them are other people and a building, all also in shade;

Other groups of people talking in shade of pine trees - light suggests that it is evening - mule turning pole in background;

Children in church clothes walking across a meadow carrying Easter baskets - several groups of adults and children walking across field, some carrying Easter baskets;

Children at outdoor party, balloons on table;

Several groups of adults and children walking across field, some carrying Easter baskets

Segment Synopsis: This footage primarily contains scenes of livestock shows. There is also footage of a man in the community named 'The Goat Man.' These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, Georgia.

Keywords: "The Goat Man"; Awards; Beehives; Beekeeping; Bulls; Cattle; Children; Color film; Corn; Cornfields; Easter egg hunts; Flowers; Gardens; Goats; Horseback riding; Horses; Livestock shows; Military uniforms; Mules; Parties; Pigs; Ribbons; Roses; Sows

00:51:56 - Outdoor Activities

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Partial Transcript: Teen girl riding horse in a paddock

Two teen girl riding horses in a paddock, then three - stable in background in last shot

Children and adults standing by outdoor party table in field - one boy appears to unwrap a present

Two boys ride horse across screen - house in background

Man in rowboat on lake, rowing with one oar


Man fishing from boat


Fish on line pulled across lake

Man in boat unhooking fish, which is a small bream

Two young men in waders stand in lake to mid-thigh - each has fishing pole and a string of fish

Man seated in boat holds up string of fish, then lowers it into lake

Man stands holding string of fish

Man in boat on lake

Two men in boat on lake, rowing toward camera - one man holds up string of fish

Baptism: six men stand chest-deep in lake - man immerses first boy

Man immerse second boy, boy starts to walk away

Large group of people walks away from lake - sky suggests it is evening

Woman in gray dress and white hat stands by screen door of house

Adults and children enter house seen above - all are dressed for a semi-formal occasion (dresses, suits) - some wear coats

Bride and bridesmaids hurry past parked cars toward house

More guests enter

Bride and groom (Bobby and Joan) pose in front of screen door

Bridesmaids stand posed by door while guests exit

Other people exit

Bride and groom pose with young girl and boy (probably flower girl and ring bearer)

Two women in coats outside house where wedding took place

Woman wearing corsage stands next to house

Pile of brush in front of fence, with pine trees

Segment Synopsis: This footage primarily contains various scenes of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fishing, and boating. It also contains scenes of a baptism and a wedding. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, Georgia.

Keywords: Baptisms; Boating; Ceremonies; Children; Color film; Fishing; Fishing lines; Horseback riding; Horses; Lakes; Rowboats; Wedding guests; Weddings