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Andrew Avery Home Movies Film Reel 5: hm-avr_0062

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00:01:15 - Home Demonstration

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Partial Transcript: Black slug;

Miss Clyde Hanell stands behind small table to do a home demonstration - she uses yellow ribbon to make a bow, then makes another bow of dark ribbon, holds it up to her dress and affixes it just below her collar (table, etc. is outside);

Woman with bow on dress;

Another woman joins woman with bow at table;

Lamp making: Woman holds up large dark jug-shaped object - holds up another one with wire for lampshade affixed at top, then demonstrates painting something (?) on side of base of lamp - with another woman, she affixes fabric to shade, puts shade on lamp, holds lamp up, then bows to camera

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains scenes of Miss Clyde Hanell making a lamp for a home demonstration. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Home demonstrations; Home economics

00:01:59 - Agriculture

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Partial Transcript: Green tomatoes or melons (?);

Nectarines (?);

Field with crop (collard greens?);

Stem of plant with yellow flower, two views;

Looking down the field between two rows of the crop (?);

Pepper plant with ripe peppers - close shot of peppers on bush;

Ripe eggplants on bush;

Truck drives from back of scene towards camera up two rows of crop (?) which is about 12 inches tall;

Man driving irrigator along rows of crop;

Man standing in field next to irrigator, points towards it, then gestures to man driving irrigator;

Irrigator driving down two rows of crops, irrigating them, shown from behind;

Man standing next to tall stack of harvested peanuts (stack is taller than he is), ground around him has been cleared;

Harvesters driving down rows, churning the cut peanuts out onto the ground behind them - men using pitchforks to pile the peanut plants into tall stacks - machines with forks behind them back up to and lift stacks, carry stacks away - cleared field with stacks of peanuts;

Stack of an unidentified plant

Segment Synopsis: These scenes depict various farming practices and equipment uses, as well as footage of different fruits and vegetables. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Crops; Eggplant; Farm equipment; Farms; Fields; Fruit; Irrigator; Peanuts; Peppers; Tractors; Trucks; Vegetables

00:04:55 - Livestock

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Partial Transcript: White cattle in large pasture;

White bull (dromedary?);

Man leads cattle across pasture away from camera;


Two boys riding on cows, kids riding and sitting on cows, kids leading cows, man leading cows, man being chased by cows (looks like they are playing);

Man in suit stands between brick gateposts and in front of one-story house with porch, reading from bundle of papers;

Brown and white cattle in large pen;

Man in suit walks cautiously toward cows;


Calves in pasture run toward camera, herded by three men on horses;

Boy and two women walk through tall grass toward camera;

Four people standing in tall grass;

Across golden field of grass or grain toward farm building;

Two men ride on machine which cuts and piles the dried grass or grain;

Fields and flowers (Crotalaria);

Cattle grazing in middle of pasture with trees in background;

Cattle grazing, white house in background (the old Avery house);

Cow and calf;


Casually dressed man squats in field, rolls something between palms of his hands, blows on palm of hand, shakes (?) back onto ground;

Two men riding a thresher/harvester (?) while two men walk near it in field;

Thresher/harvester (?) is stopped, has white sacks piled on it. man bends over sack on ground, folds back edges;

Two men squat next to sack filled with yellow grain;

Brown and white cattle in pasture, trees in far background;

Nursing calf;

Young bulls butting heads;

One man riding on tractor/bailer, man in suit walking alongside - bale of hay at back of machine (several views);

Rust colored hogs in meadow;

About 15 people stand behind four hogs on paved area - one man prods at hogs with sticks, others herd other rust or black and white hogs with sticks through unpaved parking area (?)

Keywords: Bulls; Calves; Cattle; Children; Cows; Crotalaria; Farm equipment; Farms; Fields; Grain; Hogs; Livestock; Pigs; Tractors

Subjects: This footage contains various shots of cattle, bulls, and hogs/pigs. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

00:10:50 - Brasstown Bald

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Partial Transcript: Brasstown Bald: sheriff or park ranger - man in tan uniform with star on left sleeve;

Tower and mountains;

White stone slab, can't read writing, if any (?);

About 10 people on platform of tower, one man points to something in distance;

Hazy mountain crest, ridges, valleys;

Road signs "Brasstown Bald" and "GA 180" in foreground, mountains in background;

Mountains and valley;

Black slug

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains scenes of Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia.

Keywords: Brasstown Bald; Law enforcement officials; Mountains; Road signs

00:12:03 - Livestock Show

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Partial Transcript: Livestock show- cattle and people in a pen;

Bulls - people leading, currying, standing with bulls;

People standing with bulls

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains various shots of cattle and bulls at a livestock show. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Bulls; Cattle; Children; Cows; Livestock show; Pigs

00:14:26 - School and Outdoor Scenes

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Partial Transcript: Five young women get into a car;


Boy and girl stand holding basket of eggs between them - German shepherd mix dog with boy;

Three girls sit at sewing machines on tables lined up one behind the other - woman stands to their right (indoors);

Side view of sewing class - three or four rows of girls at machines can be seen;

About 12 elementary school students in costumes: witch, fairies or angels, etc. with teacher on front steps of school;

Three costumed children from above group;

Six students wearing boxes with holes cut out for faces and one boy wearing overalls posed on same school steps as above;

Woman picking pears;

Woman sitting under tree with melons and baskets of produce arranged around her - woman arranges pears in basket;

Very young African American child;

Five African American pickers in field;

Leaves of unidentified plant (?) leaves are purplish-black;


Eggplant (?);

Sugar cane;

Person outside school, standing behind banner on stick - banner is satin and glare makes it hard to read - a 2nd banner, illegible, 3rd banner "Spelling Second District C 1936" - 4th banner: "Spelling Second District C 1937" - 5th banner: "Spelling Second District C 1938";

Young woman standing outside building, talking;

Four young women walk out of building single file, turn a small circle and line up side-by-side;

About 20 young women, posed on steps of building, wave toward camera;

About 20 young people, posed on steps of building, wearing caps and gowns, wave toward camera;

People on stage of auditorium, appear to be wearing costumes (indoors);

Tobacco plant (?);

Tobacco field (?);

Large white building seen across grassy lawn (two views);

About 20 classes or groups of children and teens posed with teachers outside school building;

Posed groups of young women;

White building with men and piled wood and possibly some wooden furniture in front;

Shop class? young men work on white piece of furniture (one saws, two hammer, three paint) white man in tie supervises

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains scenes of children performing various school and outdoor activities, such as home economics, dressing up in costume, shop class, and more. It also contains scenes of agricultural activities, such as picking fruit and gathering eggs. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Children; Costumes; Elementary schools; Fruit; Home economics; Sewing Class; Shop classes; Spelling contests; Tobacco plants

00:19:46 - Church Scenes

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Partial Transcript: Two cars parked on street next to white fence - beyond fence, yard and side of building, people climb short flight of steps and go through screen door of building;

Side of building;

Children and adults come out of building, walk down steps, stand outside and talk;

People walk through gate and away from building;

Sign: "Climax Baptist Church";

About 20 shots of people leaving Climax Baptist;

Sign: "Worship service 1 and 3 / Sunday mornings 11:30 / Evening 6:00 pm / Sunday School every Sunday 10:30 a.m. / Youth Fellowship 7:00 pm / Pastor Rev James L. Hendrix";

About 35 shots of people leaving Climax Baptist Church;

People leaving Climax Baptist Church (continuation of 35 shots)

Segment Synopsis: These scenes consist of shots of parishioners of Climax Baptist Church in Climax, GA.

Keywords: Baptist Churches; Children; Parishioners

00:24:49 - Posed Groups and Outdoor Activities

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Partial Transcript: Brick school building;

Three groups of students and teachers posed on steps of school;

Picnic or church supper in shade of trees - several views of people getting food;

Posed group of twelve men and women;

School or church building;

Men practicing or playing a sport on a field - maybe baseball (?);

Five different posed school groups with teachers;

Children in foreground walking away from school in background;

Three men pose with bale of cotton in doorway of barn or warehouse;

Unidentified plant, possibly grain sorghum;

Brick house or school;

Three men, one wearing overalls, stand in swept yard near brick building;

Posed group of three couples (three men and three women);

One of the women and two of the men from group above;

Two men in suits in foreground, pine trees and parked cars in background, one man gestures with cane;

Four young women wearing dresses in foreground - men in suits in background

Segment Synopsis: This footage primarily consists of several shots of adults and children posing for the camera. It also contains footage of various outdoor activities such as a baseball game as well as a picnic or church supper. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Baseball; Children; Cotton; Educators; Posed groups; Schools; Sports; Students; Teachers

00:27:22 - Church Supper

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Partial Transcript: Food on the buffet table;

Man dumps something lumpy from sack into large oak barrel while second man uses pole to stir contents of barrel;

People at picnic or church supper;

Three men walk towards camera;

Across rooftops of city with large, classical architecture including domed building;

Down on and across city, hills and countryside in far background;

Black slug

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains scenes depicting a church supper. It also contains a brief shot of a large domed building in an urban setting. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Architecture; Buffet; Church supper; Cities; Domed buildings

00:28:39 - Livestock Show II

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Partial Transcript: Live stock show - people walking around examining cows;

Man in red blazer addressing the crowd;

People examining livestock - boys and girls walk around with and stand with cows;

Close-up of cow - sign attached (can't read);

Young people posing with cows, some have ribbons attached - men examine and pet the cows;

Young girl poses with her cow - both have ribbons;

Rust-colored hogs;

Boys guiding the hogs with sticks;



Black slug

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains various shots of cattle, hogs/pigs and bulls at a livestock show in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Awards; Cattle; Children; Cows; Hogs; Livestock shows; Pigs; Ribbons

00:32:24 - Dixie Pines Motor Court and Callahan Hotel

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Partial Transcript: Medium building with cars parked in front and people walking outside (not urban setting);

Two cars parked in front of small ranch house;

Man and woman holding three baskets of eggs stand in background, chickens run out of henhouse at right and run to the left, between people and camera;

Dixie Pines Motor Court - sign atop two posts: "Entrance Dixie Pines Motor Court";

Planter, two small bonnet-clad statues holding sign: "Dixie Pines Motor Court";

Flowers and landscaping;

Flowers, grounds and landscaping;

Mrs. Rich in rocking chair on porch, knitting or crocheting;

One cottage and part of another;

Mr. Rich walks on path through gardens, looks at a plant (foxglove?), and tugs on top to tip it to side;

Mr. Rich walks on wooden bridge across lily pond, makes expansive waving gesture;

Sign atop two posts: "Entrance Dixie Pines Motor Court";

Two smaller signs hanging from Dixie Pines entrance sign on posts: "AAA approved motor court" and "Members United Motor Courts Eastern Division";

Sign: "This is Dixie Pines Tourist Court a Nice Place for Nice People";

Sign: "Callahan Hotel" Four-story brick building with lots of windows and small portico in front Shrubs;

One man and two women stand in front of black door of brick building;

Man currying a black bull;

Black slug

Segment Synopsis: This footage primarily contains scenes of the exteriors of Dixie Pines Motor Court and the Callhan Hotel. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Bulls; Chickens; Flowers; Foliage; Gardens; Hotels; Landscaping; Motels; Motor courts