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Andrew Avery Home Movies Film Reel 2: hm-avr_0055

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00:01:15 - Street Scenes and Churches

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Partial Transcript: white shed with silver tank;

man in shirt and tie standing with man in police uniform next to car with sign on door: "Police Bainbridge Georgia";

sign: "City Hall, Attapulgus, GA";

Attapulgus City Hall building;

curving dirt road passing through wooded area;

paved road through wooded area, with and without car (three views);

down road toward some houses;

a neighborhood;

sign: "Methodist Church, Attapulgus, GA";

Attapulgus Methodist Church;

another church;

sign: "Attapulgus Presbyterian Church";

another church or possibly same church viewed from another angle;

sign: "Attapulgus Baptist Church";

Attapulgus Baptist Church - two views;

very long brick building with ornate facade;

building under construction, with boards leaning against walls;

looking down road toward large brick house;

large brick house;

wood-framed house with porch;

brick house with awning - three views;

looking down tree-lined road new-looking white house and five other houses

school building, with sign: "Attapulgus - Mt. Moriah High School" several shots of school building;

Woman in red sweater picking fruit - close up shot of fruit;

Woman posing on horse - rides horse (wearing different outfits in various shots);

Various shots of people leaving Methodist church - standing and talking outside;

front of church with sign: "Attapulgus Baptist Church";

people coming out of the church and standing talking in front;

church with cars parked in front;

black slug

Segment Synopsis: These scenes depict various churches, street scenes, houses and neighborhoods in or around Bainbridge, GA and Attapulgus, GA, as well as Mt. Moriah High School.

Keywords: "Attapulgus Baptist Church"; "Attapulgus Methodist Church"; "Attapulgus Presbyterian Church"; "City Hall, Attapulgus, GA"; "Mt. Moriah High School"; "Police Bainbridge Georgia"; Christian churches; City hall; Color film; Dirt roads; High Schools; Houses; Methodist; Police; Presbyterian

00:06:44 - Posed Children

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Partial Transcript: Several groups of posed school children;

black slug

Segment Synopsis: Several shots of various school-aged children posing for the camera. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Children; Color film; School scenes; Students

00:08:13 - Construction Scenes

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Partial Transcript: construction of a house vocational education building at a Decatur County school: black and white men labor - lumber and ladder lean against building;

roofing the house;

man climbs ladder onto roof;

various construction scenes: woman and man in front of different building on same construction site - long, one-story buildings, one painted and one under-construction and unpainted. some people, including a man wearing a tie, who climbs the ladder to the roof, have signs taped to their backs - people come and go;

group of women pose;

women and men walking around construction site and standing and talking;

close-up of sign taped to woman's back (can't read) - woman turns to face camera;

more construction scenes;

Woman in front of house with nicely landscaped yard;

U.S. flag

Segment Synopsis: These scenes depict a group of men constructing a wooden structure (possibly a house or church), as well as various shots of men and women posing for the camera at the construction site. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Building; Color film; Construction; Construction workers; United States flag; Wooden structures

00:09:36 - Outdoor Activities

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Partial Transcript: two-story school, very fancy, big windows, lots of bikes parked in front;

girls get on bikes, start riding - behind them, other children get on bikes and begin to ride away;

lots of boys ride bikes toward and under camera;

two women and one man walk out of doors of school, down steps;

boy rides bike in foreground - girls walk in mid-ground; house in background;

sidewalk, side of road, house: children leaving school, walking away from camera;

gymnastics: outdoors on tumbling mats - children and one man do towers, tumbling - man demonstrates on low bars;

school, car driving past school toward camera;

sign hanging from eave of building: "Harry Shealy Field House";

water tower with sign: "Bainbridge";

football practice: team is in uniforms on football field;

football team seated on bleachers;

football practice and drills

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains various scenes of school-aged children performing various outdoor activites, such as gymnastics, football, and bicycle riding. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Children; Color film; Football; Gymnastics; School scenes; School sports; Schools; Students; Water towers

00:11:48 - Scenes at Houses

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Partial Transcript: three girls walk across lawn of house toward camera - one is carrying a white cat;

girls with cat;

girls on porch;

a different house, white ranch-style house with red roof, very new looking;

pink azalea in bloom;

pink azalea in bloom - woman walks next to the azalea bushes, which are taller than she is - they are growing next to a white house with black trim;

white ranch house with gray shutters;

path to porch of house, rocking chair on porch, pale pink azaleas about 18 inches tall line the path - a man stands in yard behind azaleas;

little girl walks near camera, house with big pink azalea bushes in background (not same girl as any of three with cat from previous shots);

brick church or house with very young pine trees growing in

another brick house;

black slug

Segment Synopsis: This footage depicts various scenes outside of various households. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: Azaleas; Brick houses; Cats; Children; Color film; Flowers; Girls; Houses and homes

00:13:02 - Activities for Children

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Partial Transcript: young children stand in group on city street and wave at camera. The girls are wearing white dresses, the boys are wearing white pants and shirts - all are wearing blue capes with red lining;

in mid-ground, children walk down sidewalk towards camera - in background are steps of a building;

children are on steps of building - camera is at top of steps. children in front of group have drums. children walk up steps, past camera, and out of frame;

fire drill(?) boys come out of second-story window of building, run down metal stairs past camera;

indoors(?) Santa Claus by tree with electric lights - young woman hands packages to Santa one at a time - he looks at each package, calls something out, and waves packages - children come and take the packages from him;

little girl sits on chair with birthday cake on her lap;

children in circle, playing a game;

children pose in a group;

children getting jeep rides. A nice neighborhood, with big houses and wide but unpaved streets. Two jeeps pull up and a group of very young children (kindergarten?) run to meet jeeps - other children jump out of jeeps and the waiting children climb in or are helped in. Man in tan uniform talks to man in suit; a woman and the man in the suit help more children into the jeeps - the jeeps leave and then return;

children massed on steps of a large building;

various close shots of small groups of children within the large, posed group;

four young men and three young men, posed;

six of the seven young people walk past the camera in pairs

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains various scenes of activities for children, such as Santa Claus handing out presents, birthday parties, and rides in military jeeps. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

00:15:56 - Sports

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Partial Transcript: women's softball team, in uniform, seated;

women's softball practice or game: both sides playing on field are in uniform;

men's football team seated on bleachers, with coach;

men's football practice;

marching band coming down wide street on sunny day - band
appears to be marching through a neighborhood - there are no onlookers;

band marches past camera;

band marches away from camera

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains various scenes of school-aged children playing sport such as football and softball. It also contains scenes of a marching band performing in the streets. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

00:17:03 - High School Graduation and Outdoor Scenes with Children

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Partial Transcript: little boy wearing white cap and gown;

sign over doorway: "Bainbridge High School";

little boy wearing white cap and gown stands in front of group of teenagers on steps of Bainbridge High School - teenagers are all wearing white caps and gowns;

little boy leads procession of graduates, who walk in pairs; rows split at camera as they walk past;

little boy poses with a woman;

older woman, younger woman, and four women in white uniforms looking at plants in nicely landscaped yard (continued from a previous shot);

older woman stands in foreground; on the curved path through her yard are sixty or seventy elementary school children who walk in pairs, mostly holding hands, down the path and past the camera;

older woman half pats, half shoves each child along after inspecting them one at a time;

tall brick building with flat roof and white wooden columns in front, with car driving past it;

brick building with pitched roof, four columns, and a wide stairway, with azaleas blooming around it;

azaleas blooming next to building;

building seen from side

Segment Synopsis: This footage contains various shots of high school children in their graduation robes, as well as shots of elementary school-aged children. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

00:18:26 - Street Parade and Speeches

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Partial Transcript: parade: looking down city street at parade;

parade: jeep; convertible; men on horses; onlookers; army unit; marching band; dignitaries seated on folding chairs on flatbed of truck - boy scouts riding in back of pickup truck, floats, decorated cars, a black man playing a drum kit in the back of a pickup truck, firetruck, tank, cars with signs on them including: "IOOF [International Order of Odd Fellows] Tribute to Armed Forces", "The Pilot Club of ____", "County 4 H Clubs", "1950 Mercury ____", sign on drugstore in background: "Walker's Drug Store";

people walking across the street after the parade has passed;

man in suit and garrison cap talks to marching band member;

three men, two of whom are seated, one of the seated men wears a clerical collar - behind them is the clock tower of the Bainbridge Courthouse;

man in garrison cap with several men in suits, Bainbridge Courthouse is in the background - other men approach and he greets them;

man in garrison cap stands next to microphone, looks at his watch, talks to someone off-camera - Bainbridge Courthouse is in the background;

several men, one of whom is also wearing a garrison cap, in foreground - Bainbridge Courthouse is in the background;

man in suit speaks into microphone - Bainbridge Courthouse is
in the background;

street corner with five or six U.S. flags on poles at edge of
sidewalk - people walk down sidewalk - two-story building with imposing facade is across street;

people walking on downtown sidewalk, including four men in blue uniforms with white sashes;

U.S. flag on pole;

motorcycle escorts red, white, and blue pickup truck down city street - in bed of truck, mounted on large wooden crossbars, is the Liberty Bell or facsimile;

the Liberty Bell;

bell in wooden frame on podium, next to it are several seated men and a standing man who speaks into a microphone;

boy scouts by flag on podium - part of sign hanging from edge
of platform reads "Savings Bonds";

Boy Scouts stand by flags;

two men, Cheney Griffin on left speaking into the microphone and Clark Gurley, standing at microphone on podium.

side view of another man speaking into microphone on podium;

as one scout holds a U.S. flag, another scout pulls a rope to ring the bell;

scouts and men stand at attention next to bell;

men in suits, standing;

bell in bed of red, white, and blue truck - truck is parked in city street - woman walks around truck and looks at bell;

marching band, in uniform, practices on a large, flat, field that is empty except for one pine tree;

two men and one woman on a bench

Segment Synopsis: This footage depicts various shots of a street parade with floats and a marching band. It also shows a variety of speakers on a podium with a replica of the Liberty Bell. These scenes occur in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: 4H Clubs; Armed forces; Boy Scouts; Color film; Courthouses; Floats; Liberty Bell replica; Marching bands; Military, Army; Parades; Speeches; United States flag; bells

00:20:47 - Church Scenes

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Partial Transcript: First Baptist Church of Bainbridge: a large, roman revival style building (brick, white columns, dome) side of church

large group of people walking down steps of church;

people leaving the building;

marble plaque embedded in side of building: "First Baptist Church / Organized 1849 / Erected 1920";

sign listing hours of church services (can't read);

sign listing hours of church services: "Dr. Lewis H. Wright, Pastor / Bible School 9:45 / Morning Worship 11:00 / Training Union 7:00 / Evening Service 8:00 / Welcome";

man poses in front of sign, then steps off to side;

smaller doorway with sign over it which reads: "First Baptist Church" - two men stand near the door as one woman enters;

many shots of huge, posed group of men - no one shot includes entire group;

man posed next to sign describing services;

large group of people posed in front of church - some people are helping arrange the pose;

side of church with people in front;

children, men, and women of congregation, posed in front of the church;

one-story, white building with pitched roof and low porch, black car in front (2 views);

sign: "First Christian Church";

people coming out of the church and standing in front of the church;

Sunday School classes of children walk down sidewalk by camera, waving;

two men in shirtsleeves, shaking hands, talking, and patting each other on the shoulders;

sign: "First Christian Church Sunday Schedule / Sunday School 9:45 a.m. / Communion and Preaching 11:00 a.m. / ____ Meeting 7:00 p.m. / Preaching Service 8:00 p.m. / Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 p.m.";

Sign, part of building in background - sign reads: "Church of the Nazarene: Where Glory Fills the Temple / Our Spiritual Feasts: _?_ (can't read schedule of services)

people coming out of the church and standing in front of the church;

front of the church(?);

brick building with green roof (Temple Bethel), seen from across street;

sign over doorway of building: "Temple Bethel";

people coming out of the temple, including some boy scouts in uniform;

U.S. flag on pole;

gothic revival church shown from across parking lot (open bell tower, pitched roof, arched windows);

church sign: "First Presbyterian Church / Bible Study ____
/ Worship ____ / ____ / ____ / Worship 7:30 PM / Welcome" (glare on glass in front of sign, hard to read);

minister greets people as they leave the church;

gothic revival church (not same as above);

sign: "First Methodist Church / ____ Cooper Pastor / ____ Church School / ____ Morning Worship / ____ Evening Worship" (can't read entire sign);

people leaving the church;

people outside the church;

man carrying book (probably minister with Bible) comes down steps of church, talks to people, waves at camera, turns back towards church;


man and little boy with dog in front of Methodist Church sign;

St. John’s Episcopal Church in Bainbridge with steep pitched roof and bell at apex of roof;

choir in robes proceeds away from church;

minister in robe talks to people as they leave the church;

people outside the church;

posed family group people in front of the church;

side of one-story cinder block building with cars parked outside (another church);

people coming out of the building;

people posed formally in front of the building;

more people leaving the building;

Black slug

Segment Synopsis: This footage depicts various church scenes in or around Bainbridge, GA.

Keywords: "First Baptist Church"; "First Christian Church"; "First Methodist Church"; "First Presbyterian Church"; "Temple Bethel"; Baptist; Children; Christian Churches; Church choir; Church services; Color film; Gothic revival churches; Methodist; Ministers; Parishioners; Presbyterian; Roman revival churches; Sunday School; United States flag